Curse Sissy Maid

Curse Sissy Maid

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This file is curse, and it will stay for you for the rest of your life. You will be cursed to change into a cumhungry sissy maid, eager to please men and women, you will become addicted to worship them in any way they want. You will love to suck cock and you will love eat pussy, and you will become addicted to creampies. And every time you listen to this file the suggestions become stronger. There will be no way out, and every time you masturbate and orgasm the changes will be locked in deeply. Soon you will start to wear satin panties, and lingerie. You will be a real cumslut, a sex addicted cumslut and you will need to tell someone your sissy name, and everybody who knows your sissyname will be in control.

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Train Strap-on feel real

This file will change something. Do you like to bend over and let someone fuck you mindless with a strap on?
If yes, you should try this file and soon every toy will feel as if it is real. Yes, the shape, the look the taste, anything will be different and so much better.
Whenever your Mistress, your wife or your girlfriend use a strap on on you, it will look, feel, smell and taste like if it is the real thing.
And you will love it.


Shemale Trigger

Let’s have a little fun in this erotic hypnosis. How about becoming a virtual she-male? Become a woman with sexy feminine breasts and a big and throbbing cock. Whenever you trigger yourself, you will have a feminine mind, while maintaining powerful male sexual urges. You will move and act like a woman, as that male sex drive seethes underneath.
You have the power to maintain this form. You can remain as a delightfully feminine shemale as long as you desire. You may continue to do so, until need to revert back, but you need to cum 3 times before you can revert to normal. This is the game ;-)
But after you came 3 times, You will instantly revert back to your male form, whenever you decide to do so, and you will be a man in a man’s body again.
If you have some panties, or girly lingerie, put it on before you start this trance.
39 minutes of erotic hypnosis, brainwaves and background music


Switch - The Gangbang

You you want to be a cockhungry sissy slut.

Used and abused by many cocks.

A nice sissy, who loves to suck cock, to wear sexy lingerie for her mistress.
Visualize yourself as the sexy, sissy cocktease, that you are.
Imagine yourself in wonderful, sexy lingerie, imagine yourself as the sexy girl you desire to be.
The sexy girl with the sexy extra between your legs.
Imagine yourself in  stockings, exposing your hard throbbing clitty.
Imagine yourself, and feel it now. Feel it and dream about it.

You are the cumslut in my stable, ready to please every cock in every way I demand.

You are going to be abused by my slaveboys, and you will enjoy it.


The Duration of this File is 43:34 min. It includes soft background Music, sound Effects and Brainwaves.