New Directions Part 1

New Directions Part 1

New Directions, Part 1

I arrived at Mistress Samba's summer mansion for my second day of work as a gardener, only to find a platoon of well muscled men efficiently cutting lawns, pruning, weeding, doing everything I had been hired to do. Many of them looked up as we drove slowly up the long drive - Amy was driving - and many of the men gave a friendly wave and smile...obviously aimed toward Amy, not me. Amy giggled with surprise and waved back flirtatiously, teasing me as I got out of the car how she might need to drive a littlle slower on the way out. Mistress Samba greeted me warmly, inviting me into the front parlor as Amy drove away.

I was a bit worried. "Mistress, am I late? I noticed the crew of gardeners out on the lawns already. I am very sorry if I misunderstood-"

Mistress smiled. "I may have other plans for you today. Tell me, who dropped you off today? A friend of yours?"

"Yes, well... I mean, that's my wife Amy." I volunteered.

"Your friend is very, very pretty. Is she off to work now too?" Mistress inquired innocently, immediately downgrading Amy from wife to friend, a smile growing on her lips as I accepted the term without questioning.

"Yes, Sorry I couldn't introduce you - she is hurrying to catch the 8:20 ferry back over." There was something very erotic about Mistress to recognize Amy as a friend and not my wife, and further for me to go along with it. There was a natural sexual order here - I could feel it even before I understood it at any level. Women made the rules, and males obeyed them.

Mistress smiled broadly. "Mmmmm, what a delightful coincidence. I just love Amy's pastry shop. Her work is exquisite and so creative. She is very talented. And I just love the name, 'Forbidden Pleasures' could read into that I suppose..."

I felt a twinge of excitement remembering how Mistress gently plied me with more and more questions about Amy yesterday. Within 30 minutes Mistress knew her work schedule and hours, how many people worked for her, how long it usually took to prepare a specialty cake, where and when she worked out at the gym, and so on.

Mistress beamed with amusement. "So you made this poor girl drive you all the way to my doorstep, and then make her way back across the ferry and to her own business? Bad boy - shame on you..." She purred.

I squirmed. When she put it that way, it did seem really selfish. "I -"

"You will call her right now and apologize, and assure her that starting this afternoon you will get yourself to and from your own job so that she may have a few more minutes of free time each day to do with as she pleases." Mistress demanded. "And tell her you will be working very hard today, so no idea when you will be released.

I was stunned, but dialled Amy, catching her as she waited for someone to open the massive iron gates to Mistress Samba's estate, saying something about a maintenance man working on the wiring. She was probably going to miss the ferry, couldn't talk because she had to call Jenny to open the shop for her. She punctuated her update with a surprised "Oh!! I have to go now!".

I blurted out, "Wait! I am really  sorry about this. I will get myself home today, and you don't have to drive me any more. You should have some free time to yourself. Oh, and there's a lot for me to do here today, so I am going to be working like a dog. Don't know when I will get out of here...OK...yup you too..bye. "

Amy accepted the apology, and agreed that I needed to get myself to and from work from now on. She told me about the three anniversaries and two birthdays she was preparing for today, advising me that she would be working late. She couldn't get off the phone fast enough, delivering a staccato "okay-okay-okay" before a brief goodbye.

Mistress had seated herself, clearly expecting an update.

"Well, I got an earful. But she agrees about not driving me. She's apparently going to miss the ferry, but she doesn't seem too upset about it. Lots of special orders today, apparently. She's going to have to work late. Again."

"Poor thing, is there anything I can do to help her, other than make you feel like a dog while you work?" Mistress cooed sympathetically, a hint of amusement in her voice.

"I don't think so, but thank you, that is very kind of you." I replied, respectfully and unable to hide my blush of excitement, my face blushing deeply at the thought of being trained like a dog. A sexual tension quickly developed between us. Laughing nervously, I added quietly, "Perhaps I should learn to fetch..." I really should learn to keep my mouth closed.

Mistress seemed to ignore my comment, crossed her sexy legs as she spoke luxuriously. "So...the girls and I evaluated your performance yesterday, and iregret to inform you that we feel you will not make the cut as a gardener, based upon yesterday's performance. You do not have the build or the stamina to keep up. You are simply physically inferior. I am sure you understand, after spending the day with some of my boys."

I gulped. How humiliating. Was I being fired? I actually understood what she was saying though. The other men I worked alongside yesterday were all ripped, tan, and well over six feet. They barely took any breaks, stopping only long enough for a drink when our female supervisor permitted one. For my part, I was dragging after an hour of labor, constantly needing to stop all the time to catch my breath, pleading with the young supervisor on a regular basis for a few more minutes of rest. "I...I understand."

Mistress continued. "Of course, labor appointments are bound by rules, and in fairness to you, you may insist on another chance today to serve as my gardener. Or, you may request another assignment here and now. Bear in mind though, that if you take another chance at a gardener position and fail, you will be let go immediately. On the other hand, if you request an appointment to another assignment instead, you would need approval to reapply for a gardener position, and you must understand you are a long, long way from receiving such approval from me. Make your choice now, please. If it helps, you may rest assured that I have a number of positions that would be more...suitable... for you. It would be my pleasure to appoint you to one of them. All you have to do is ask."

My heart was pounding. Why did I get the feeling that I should just run? But I couldn't. "Um, well thank you Mistress. Would you please appoint me to another position? I do not think I would do any better today as a gardener, to be honest."

Mistress eyed me. "Are you sure this is what you want? Any appointment I choose for you would be a substantial demotion from gardener. And as I said, all appointments are bound by rules..." Mistress stood and stepped near me. "...such as no cellphone usage and no personal jewelry." Her eyes glanced at the ring on my finger.

I gulped. "Mistress, but this is my wedding ring..." I stopped speaking as her imperious stare just went right through me, draining me of any ability to resist. I followed her wordlessly across the parlor to a wall safe, agreeing to drop to my hands and knees and stare at the floor, 'for security reasons' as Mistress opened the safe. A moment later, still on my knees, I emptied my pockets of all identification, phone, money, watch and my wedding ring, which Mistress took from me instead of allowing me to put it in the safe myself. I watched her play with it absently as she spoke again.

"Does she make new friends easily?" Mistress purred, gazing down at me.

I stared up at Mistress, not understanding the question completely. "Amy? Well yes, she does actually. She loves to meet new people."

Mistress stroked my cheek gently. "Well, if it is in her nature to make new friends, then we must do everything we can to insure that she meets lots of interesting people, mustn't we." It wasn't posed as a question.

I wasn't clear to whom 'we' referred, but I agreed with Mistress anyway. My cock stirred as I realized how easily I was being led through this conversation.

As if reading my mind, Mistress moved even closer and inquired, "Is it getting hard?"

I flushed deeply, embarrased. "No, well yes actually. I am sorry - I just -"

Mistress chuckled wickedly and instructed me to stand, taking a hand down to my crotch, giving my pants a series of light taps until I was fully erect, and then began rhythmically squeezing the shaft through my pants as she continued speaking calmly, relaxed and very much in control. "My, my, my...what have we here? So, the thought of Amy making new friends excites you? Hmm...very interesting...seems you misunderstood my question though - I was asking if it was getting hard for Amy to meet new people and make new friends, seeing how she is running her own business. It must be very hard by now..."

I felt myself nearing an orgasm. "Ohhh boy. Yes, very very hard. Unbelievably hard now...."

Mistress continued, still slowly playing with my cock. "...mmmm. and what would happen if your friend got even busier? It would just  get harder and harder, wouldn't it? Its so easy to imagine Amy getting busier at work, busier at the gym, busier making new friends and enjoying their company. Changes might be necessary, to ensure her own satisfaction. A good friend would support those changes, isn't that right?"

"Y-yes...of course..." I gasped, trying to control myself. I could not bring myself to protest this intimate intrusion.

"Mmmmm...I am so pleased you agree with me. I find an agreeable male to be so very attractive. Tell me, do you have any problems following instructions? Any assignment I have in mind for you requires absolute letter-perfect obedience to any instructions given."

I started to tremble a little, as I realized how difficult it was to do anything but just answer her questions. "No, I don't think so."

Mistress didn't react, turning her attention to the door of the safe, tracing a perfectly lacquered fingernail along its steel edge. "I could tell you stories of what I have made males do to get this safe open again. Just thinking about it gets me somewhat aroused..." Mistress placed my ring on a shelf within the safe and purred softly, "Be a good boy and close the safe for Mistress."

My heart was pounding now, my mind short-circuiting. A part of me was trying to resist but I watched my arm move to the safe door and close it until it clicked, swallowing hard. What was I doing?

Mistress smiled. "Such a good boy. Tell me, what kind of boy places all of his personal belongings in my safe? Is it a boy who needs to be in control, or a boy who needs to be controlled?"

I began to panic. "Mistress, I , I don't know what came over me...I think maybe I should-"

"Shhhhh, there there. We both know the answer, I just want to hear you say it." Mistress purred, tracing a finger across my lips seductively.

"Um...a boy that needs to be controlled..." I whispered.

"Mmmmm of course you are. Good boy." With that, Mistress opened the safe up again. I had not locked it. She smiled as my face simultaneously registered relief, disappointment and confusion at the same time. "See? All of your things nice and secure, right where you put them. See, it doesn't really matter if this door is open or closed. You may put things into my safe, but once you do, those items become my property until I decide to give them back. You may never remove things from my safe without my permission. So already you can understand why you must become very, very agreeable...very obedient...very eager to please me. Now...let's really see how well you follow instructions. Hmmm, the bottom shelf of my safe looks soooo empty, doesn't it? I want to see how it looks with your clothes on it, all neatly folded of course."

I stepped back, alarm registering deep within me. "Mistress, I-"

Mistress stroked my cheek. "There, there, silly boy. You understand that any domestic assignment has its own dress code, and you would have to change anyway...we are simply preparing you for service. You may leave your underwear on for now, if you prefer."

Mistress seemed to have an innate understanding of just how far she could push me. I couldn't argue with her logic, and slowly stripped off my clothes, choosing to leave my underwear on. My face flushed beet red with embarrasment, humiliation and raw sexual excitement. I soon stood there barely dressed, trembling, looking at my things in Mistress Samba's safe.

Mistress spoke from behind me. "And now you will close the safe again, and this time, spin the combination dial." She waited until I did, let her eyes fall to my now-softening cock and then purred, "Is that what Amy has been getting? Oh the poor girl. She must be in desperate sexual need. Does she at least have some good sized toys? Does she have a strap on for you to wear?"

I felt like pouring through the floor I was so humiliated. "No," I replied quietly, effectively confirming all comments.

Mistress pressed further, "Please tell me that at least you give her good oral sex. Does she cum when you go down on her?"

"Um, I think she likes it.. I mean, I think she does."

"You THINK she does?!" Mistress burst out laughing. "My dear, if you were doing it right, believe me, you would know." Mistress then smiled wickedly, her voice again a soft purr. "It's okay dear, really. Mistress knows what to do."

I was about to speak when a soft knocking drew our attention to the parlor door. My efforts to process what was going on were distracted by the entrance of a beautiful young woman in a sexy maid uniform, shuffling unsteadily on ridiculously high heels. It wasn't until Mistress permitted the girl to come around the sofa before her that I noticed the girl's ankles were cuffed together, the cuffs connected by a short chain. The girl waited nervously for permission to speak, sighing with relief when Mistress Samba nodded to her. She paid absolutely no attention to me.

The girl gushed excitedly, trying hard to contain herself, "Mistress Samba, I have been instructed by the security team to inform you of activity at the main gate, and I request permission to report it to You. May I?" Mistress nodded her consent with mock surprise. The girl quickly plugged the laptop into a large screen tv, queued a video clip and pressed play.

I watched a knowing smile form on Mistress Samba's lips, much more satisfaction than surprise registering on her face. She instructed me to sit on the floor at her side and watch the video, taken by the surveillance cameras at the front gates a few minutes earlier. I watched Amy's car come down the drive, and stop inside the closed gate. Amy leaned out the car window, obviously trying to get someone's attention as she spoke at the intercom. A minute or so later, a huge suv pulled right up behind Amy's car. The first thought registering for me was that Amy could no longer back up. I tensed slightly, watching a large man, very well-muscled, step out of the suv. I remembered him from yesterday - he visited my supervisor a few times while I struggled to keep up with the gardeners, even came over to say hello and welcome me. His name was Ronin. He was the kind of guy you didn't want your wife or girlfriend to meet: charming, handsome, witty and intelligent,
 with a generous dash of
 'bad boy' tossed in to make him irresistable to women.

We watched as Ronin walked to Amy's car and greeted her, listened attentively to Amy's dilemma, then her request to open the gate, noted her gestures to her watch. Then an amazing thing happened. He replied, speaking for a full minute, and then Amy burst out laughing, covering her mouth briefly before composing herself. She replied, but there was a smile on her face now, even as she slowly shook her head 'no'. I wondered what they were saying, although clearly aware of the body language between them. Ronin stood up straight, picked up his radio and spoke into it, still standing right next to Amy's window. My mouth dropped open as I watched Amy's eyes focus on the large bulge in Ronin's slacks. She just stared at it for a long time. Then she turned to the rearview mirror, and quickly checked her makeup, rubbing her lips together, fixing her hair, before turning back to the window. She listened to Ronin explaining something to her, and then slumped back in
 her seat. Clearly not pissed off, more of a flirtatious
 'what-am-I-gonna-do' pout on her perfect lips.

Mistress chuckled. "Ah, Ronin. He just loves the broken gate trick. Works every time. Now he's going to explain to Amy why going all the way back around to the service entrance just wouldn't make any sense, because it would take just as long, maybe longer, to drive all the way back around. And I imagine it will be her choice to stay right where she is..." the two women shared a laugh, ignoring me completely.

I gulped, now riveted to the screen. Ronin did just that, leaning in close pointing back toward the house, not seeming to notice how Amy was checking him out more than she was paying attention to his explanation. Midway through this explanation, Amy looked into the car, then produced her phone apologetically, giggling again as the large man said something in reply. I realized that was me on the phone. I watched Amy glance at Ronin, shrug her shoulders and hold up a single finger, indicating 'just a minute' as she hurried through our conversation. Ronin smiled, unscrewing the faceplate of the intercom, silently placing each little screw in Amy's hand after he gently took her hand and opened it. He took the last screw and purposely moved his hand into the car over Amy's lap, playfully  pausing to see Amy's reaction. I watched Amy jump in surprise, and then watched her lips as she spoke, 'Oh! I have to go now!' into the phone, as she tried to keep up with
 Ronin's playfully moving hand as he threatened to drop the screw in her lap. A moment later I watched Amy hang up with me as she turned her full attention back to flirting with Ronin, letting her phone drop back into her handbag as she stopped trying to follow Ronin's hand, an imperious look on her face as if to say, 'and just what do plan to do with that screw?' Ronin played along, contritely placing the screw gently in her palm with the others, his hand lingering for a long time. As he offered some form of apology, which made Amy grin, then made her giggle, then made her laugh. At no point did she make any effort to move her hand away.

Mistress chuckled, "Ahh there is no sweeter moment than when a woman senses empowerment over a male. It can be very exhilerating for both."

I didn't respond. I had never seen Amy flirting with another man like this. I was spellbound as the video continued. Amy and Ronin got into a long conversation that compelled Amy to produce her business card, two actually. She gave one to Ronin to keep, and gave the other one to him to write something on, presumably his phone number. She gave him one stunning smile after another as they chatted. And flirted. And chatted some more. Eventually another truck pulled up, and a guy handed Ronin a small object, which Ronin quickly used to replace a similar part in the intercom device. The other truck drove away, and again Amy was alone with Ronin. I watched him reach into Amy's hand for each screw, how they smiled at each other, how Amy fixed her hair with nervous giggles. How Amy teased Ronin with the last screw, making him wait until she placed it in his hand. Ronin finished and the gate opened. Amy gave him a long provocative stare and another dazzling smile
 as they said goodbye.  Then she drove off
 with a sexy little wave out the window.

Mistress chuckled and said, "Those two make a lovely couple, don't they? Well done Lana, well done. Perhaps I should give you a treat for your diligence..." Mistress extended her hand imperiously, into which the girl immediately placed a small remote that she had removed from her apron. The girl became suddenly very nervous.

"Umm, Mistress Samba, thank was really nothing on my part... there is no need to offer me a treat...I am just happy to serve You to the best of my ability. Please Mistress, please! May I just go back to my position now?"

Mistress smiled wickedly. "Of course my pet, but you really should know by now how important it is for me to reward my a manner that is most fitting..." Mistress pressed a button on the remote, and I could hear a muffled humming emanating from her loins. The girl's body stiffened and she could not suppress a gasp. I just stared with fascination at the girl bit her lip, trying to remain still as a statue while the vibrator hummed relentlessly inside her. After only a minute she was trembling, and a few minutes later blurted out quietly, "Thank You Mistress Samba!", her breath now ragged and pronounced.

Mistress chuckled. "You know it is always my pleasure, dear. Now let me introduce to you my latest domestic servant, who will be in your care for training today. His name is peter, and he wants to be treated like a dog. See to it.

The girl remained motionless aside from periodic orgasmic spasms, which she tried in vain to conceal from Mistress Samba, who rose gracefully.

Mistress purred, "Somebody's enjoying herself a little too much..." Mistress touched the remote and I heard the vibrator pitch increase noticeable. The girl's knees buckled slightly as she began pleading in a ragged voice.

"Thank you Mistress thankyouMistressthankyou MistressthankyouMistress!!" The girl was shaking all over as waves of orgasm coursed through her.

Mistress turned to me. "You do not merit an explanation but since you are new, Lana has been fitted today with an enormous vibrator, which is actually an exact replica of the cock of one of our boys, Ronin. Yes, that was him chatting with Amy. He is very well endowed. Exquisitely filling, I assure you. Anyway, one of Lana's dining room boys left a noticable wrinkle in the tablecloth this morning. So, while he has been left with my educators for the day, Lana gets to spend some time playing 'Statue' with me. All she has to do is stand perfectly still while in my presence, until I am satisfied. But Lana knows..." Mistress moved in very close to Lana, "...that I can be very, very difficult to satisfy. And she is not permitted to speak unless she is thanking me. Very frustrating...poor girl. And Lana knows that every time she fails to hold still, she just convinces me more and more that she really wants to suffer like this for a very long time. Isn't that
 right, my pet?"

Lana practically growled through clenched teeth, her frustration evident on her face, "thank You Mistress."

I was rock hard. Mistress turned to me and directed me to sit back on my heels, my cock pointing straight up and forming an obscene tent in my underwear.

Mistress purred, "Isn't it nice that Amy will have something to think about other than work today? Now, my boy, let's get you prepared for your next assignment. Lana, prepare the audio orientation file for our new domestic, would you? Use one of the quiet rooms. That's it, dear boy, just follow Lana. Do everything she says."

Lana turned to me and spoke, her voice wavering slightly from the intense sexual stimulation she continued to receive from the vibrator. "Your head must never rise above my waist without permission. Follow now."

I turned and crawled after Lana, my cock rigid and my mind spinning. We travelled down a long corridor and turned into a small parlor fitted with what looked like an examination table that was fitted with a leather sleeping bag. Lana pointed to a bathroom door as she unzipped the leather sack. "Empty your bladder, return and lay down. Make yourself comfortable."

I obeyed, and a few minutes later watched Lana zip me into the leather sack, all the way up to the neck collar, which closed around my neck snugly. I realized I could not get out of this sack as I watched Lana casually fix wide leather straps across my legs and chest. Two halves of a padded head restraint were folded in snugly against my head as I felt earphones sealing themselves around my ears. Mistress Samba's voice suddenly filled my mind, and I started to relax very deeply, very very quickly. The next thing I heard was, "...Five, wide awake, and ready to achieve your aims." I felt exhilerated, completely refreshed and eager. Eager to serve and obey...wait where did that come from, I wondered?" Lana's voice broke my concentration.

"Welcome pet, Mistress Samba will see you now."

To be continued...


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