Curse Ruined Orgasms

Curse Ruined Orgasms

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This is a curse, and it will change you permanently.

When you listen to this file you will change your mindset. Whenever you masturbate you will simply ruin your orgasm.

Thats it!!!

A horny lil wanker like you do not deserve to cum like a real man.

Ruined orgasms will make you feel so frustrated, and they will light and increase, a burning desire to cum, to feel a real orgasm.

This will make you very submissive and obedient.

You will find that your sexual drive and your desire for orgasms, will stay on a high level.
In fact it is going to be increased. 
But wether it is increased or stays the same, makes no difference. 
You will simply lose the ability to bring yourself to a full orgasm.
You can try if you like.
But as you try and get closer and closer to orgasm, you will find that your body just betrays you.

Your subconscious mind so deeply controlled now, will just take over. 
It will make you ruin any orgasm when you masturbate. 
It will know deep inside that you need to ruin it.
It will know you want to feel the frustration, the need, the burning desire.
from now on, and forever...

32 minutes of femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Samba

including brainwaves and soft background music.

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Customer Reviews

Tim Crutchfield

Thank You Mistress Samba for yet another excellent file!!! This file is truly addictive and since listening i have yet been able to have anything but a ruined orgasm.

Tim Crutchfield

Even if you have no interest in the subject matter of this file, listening will definitely send you on a wild ride. Very powerful on many levels.

Slave Veronica

Most of this file fades from my memory. It is however both incredibly addictive and effective. Using this file has left me desperately horny with no possible relief. As with all of Mistress's files, the production quality is exquisite. For a perfect pair, match this file with chum lover.

Slave Veronica

Mistress at home

Wake the sleeping Mistress.

This is a very special file, it is a gift, it is a file,

that is designed to be used by your wife, your girlfriend,

your soulmate and your love. And it is a perfect way, to

tell her that you want to be owned by her.