Handfree - bed of pleasure

Handfree - bed of pleasure

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This file is designed to make you cum on my command. So let us play a little game, you listen to my voice, and you shoot your load on my command. You are not allowed to touch yourself at any point in this recording. I want you to listen to my voice and let go, to give up control completely. I know you want this, and so you will be a good boy and follow my commands.

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        • femdom hypnosis
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This file will blow your mind and your load. It is very intense and effective. Imagine if you could cum for as long and as hard as you really wish you could. Then multiply the effect by ten and you will know what this file is like.


I just wanted you to know Your hands free orgasm session was mind blowing. I really was writhing in anticipation and have listened to many other doms before and never had that happen. I was digging my fingernails into the chair cushion waiting for You to allow me to cum. i am not easily suggestible and so i know Your sessions really do work. Just wanted to say Thank-you.




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