Slave 14 Chapter two

Slave 14 Chapter two

Slave 14 laid quietly on the large white couch. The room was sleek and new looking. Like a computer store interior, the navy blue was meant to relax him. Slave 14 had accepted his situation and now enjoyed it.  The couch he laid on was one that could be found in psychologist’s offices around the globe.  It was comfortable and made of fine Corinthian leather. Mistress Samba never spared an expense. 



Slave 14 looked at his muscular body and tattoos, and relished them. How nice of mistress to give me this body and the skills to pleasure women. He was wearing only pair comfort pants. As His chastity belt was also gone but he dare not touch his cock without Mistress’s permission.  Then a sleek blue door opened. Slave 14 had awoken in the room and had not noticed the door. It had blended in with the room.  Slave 14 was not longer afraid. He wanted to what ever his mistress wanted him to do (with in reason).  However he felt a twinge of uncertainty when he saw that the person who opened the door was a man.  Olive skin and dark haired, the line backed sized man was clad in blue nurse scrubs.  He calm walked in and smiled a comforting smile at Slave 14.  His manner and posture indicated that he was not effeminate. Slave 14 silently thanks Mistress Samba and God for not subjecting him to guy on guy action, which was not his preference.


The Man calmly walked up to Slave 14 and motioned for him to stay  lying down.  He then produced an iPod with headphones. Gently inserted them into his ear and pressed play. “ Hello my darling Slave fourteen” Mistress Samba’s voice cooed into his ear. Slave fourteen smiled immediately.  “ You have been very good for me and I’m proud of you.” The passionate words elated slave 14 and happiness radiated throughout his body. “ However Your new body and abilities will make you  famous in bed, once you leave here. “  Slave 14 felt confusion as Mistress Samba’s dulcet tones made his body relax and his eyelids heavy. “ I don’t want you to forget you serve all women and not just the pretty ones. That’s what this next session is going to do to you. “ Slave 14 felt himself drift off into her magic words. “ You aren’t going to find women attractive just on looks. You going to find intelligence, personality, and shared interests just as attractive!”  “ I’m even going to let you cum!”

“ Now  I want you to meet my friend Kelsey”  Slave 14’s mind fell asleep and Mistress Samba’s commands took over.


Slave 14 awoke in a small apartment bedroom. He relaxed as he remember that it was his. The worn room was his, Then a figure appeared in the door way and at first Slave fourteen didn’t even remember who it was. This woman was naked all except for a pink pair of panties She was a short brunette with  just a little too much make up on. Her modest c cups were the first thing he saw. The were shaped in a nice manner but, were a little too small, her nipples were too big.  Then memories came back as he remember sucking on them, fucking them, and laying his head down on them.  He looked up at her round face. She was not beautiful but, not ugly. She was just above average pretty.  Her brown eyes held the ferousity of a tiger.  Another memory popped in his head of her nibbling lovingly on his left pec, while her eyes burned into his with animal lust. Her small potbelly looked cute and round as his eyes looked down to her thick strong skiers legs.  Slave 14 looked at his own body seeing it was the same . Except for one thing the name mistress Samba had been replace by Kelsey.  He looked up into her eyes and saw her raw sexual hunger that filled body with a need for hers.  He realized all her flaws and her qualities were why he loved her.


He saw how strong she was because right after that she ripped off her panties and tackled him.   As the bounced on the bed together she began biting him all over and if she was trying to mark her territory. With each tooth-sized bruise proclaimed this is MY MATE.  She then kissed him passionately and lowered herself onto his mighty cock.  He rose to meet her but, was shoved down as her body rose away from his. She was going to fuck him not the other way around. Slave fourteen relaxed and watched she thrust her pussy forward and back on his cock. Slowly picking up speed. Slamming her body into his the effect was amazing it was as erotic and it was exciting. She was fucking and she was in charge not him.  It was so very different and felt amazing.  He felt how strong her muscles were as the contracted on his cock with each downward thrust. Her savage lust showed in her body movements as much as her eyes which gleamed with wild pleasure.  She was perfect. Slave fourteen groaned and moaned. Not fake groans and moans of a male porn star imitating his partners.  But real ones of pleasure, the kind on hear while eating a delicious meal.


            Kelsey quicken now faster and tighter chasing both their orgasms she held him tighter and tighter in both embrace and pussy as the climbed closer to climax.  Faster faster. She growled fiercely as they were almost there. “YES YES!” she cried both their body shook violently as one while orgasm racked them. “ Breed me breed me !”  she roared as his seed Cumming out of his cock in tablespoon bursts flooded her womb beyond capacity and leaked out of her pussy.


Slave 14 awoke with a start in the blue room. He was cover in his own jizz. It coated his pants and even his chest.  Slave fourteen realized that his training was over and the Kelsey the modestly beautiful lover was his training.  The male nurse was already cleaning him off with a warm wet towel.  Pleasure still jolted around his body, he was exhausted he didn’t care. 



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