Sambas Brainwash - Ugly Women

Sambas Brainwash - Ugly Women

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Welcome to my brainwash files.
It is time for you to follow my instructions, to accept and repeat what I command.  
It is time for a change, a change that will be with you for the rest of your life. 
Let me inside your deepest self to brainwash your mind, to become addicted to ugly women. 
From now on, ugly women are attractive to you.
You love to fuck them and your cock gets harder and harder while watching them.

Ugly women make your cock hard.

Duration 38:26 Minutes including, curse, ugly women sex, joi, brainwaves and soft music.

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Mistress at home

Wake the sleeping Mistress.

This is a very special file, it is a gift, it is a file,

that is designed to be used by your wife, your girlfriend,

your soulmate and your love. And it is a perfect way, to

tell her that you want to be owned by her.


Switch - Admire yourself

You feel not happy being a man?
You want to experience, to feel, and look like a beautiful woman,
to admire yourself being a girl.

This file is dedicated to all men who love to be a woman from time to time.
It will make you feel beautiful.
It will show you to admire yourself.

So, liste whenever you want to look like a beautiful woman,
to feel like a beautiful girl,
to feel like you realy are deep inside your mind.  

The Duration of this File is 41:55 min. It includes soft background Music,

sound Effects and Brainwaves.



Dominant Nasty Shemale Bitch

Can you imagine to be a dominant shemale?

From now on you are going to be as ladylike as you can possibly be. A dominant, ladylike, sexy, and attractive woman. You're a confident and friendly  woman, and at the same time a nasty bitch. This is how women are, this is what you become. A dominant, nasty and kinky bitch. A nasty bitch, an attractive woman, to be respected, and obeyed, to be served and worshipped. I want you to develop this side of yourself. To develop an assertive Personality, to be noticed and admired. To be a dominant, nasty and kinky bitch, 

44:47 Minutes including, sissy trance, feminization, brainwaves and soft music.