New Directions Part 3

New Directions Part 3

New Directions Part 3 - Amy Receives a Proposition

Amy flew through the front door of the shop, almost two hours later than usual. Jenny was finishing up with a customer at the counter. When the customer left, Amy turned to Jenny. "Oh my god what a morning! Thank you sooo much for opening the shop today Jen. Has it been busy?"

Jenny smiled at her. "No problem - I'm the one always telling you to take it easy, remember?" Besides, it was pretty slow this morning."

"Well that's good to hear. But we've got a lot of specials today don't we." Amy was about to gush about her hot little encounter with Ronin this morning, but with a little thrill, decided not to.

Jenny, always the industrious one, shrugged. "Yep, but it's all in hand. All the base cakes are in the oven, and I am starting the custard filling now. Icings right behind that..."

"You're the best Jen." Amy announced, sincere relief in her voice.

"Oh, a woman called for you - Lana something - said she had to speak to you today."

"Did she leave a number?"

"Nope, said she would be in the village later today, and will stop by." Jen switched on the big mixer in front of her and went to the refrigerators at the back of the kitchen. She called over her shoulder, "How does Peter like his new job?"

Amy paused for a moment, her pulse quickening as she recalled her flirtations with Ronin. "Um...ok I guess - they are keeping him plenty busy." She realized that on some level she hoped that would remain true. She shook her head, silently admonishing herself for the thought. "Hey, where should I jump in here, honey?"

"Um, icing and decorations for the Anderson anniversary cake, OK?"

Amy pulled her hair back in a ponytail and dove into her work, grateful for the distraction. She found it impossible to stop thinking about Ronin. Some time later, the tiny jingle of the front door bell made them both look to the front of the shop.

Jenny was already moving toward the counter. "I got this," touching Amy lightly on the shoulder as she whizzed by.

Amy listened to Jenny greet the woman, chat pleasantly, and a few moments later heard the distinctive hiss of the espresso machine. Amy smiled to herself, happy that she had set up some cafe tables out front this year - there had been a steady stream of customers, mostly women, stopping in for a little pastry and coffee. Cappuchino girls, Amy called them.

Jenny came back into the kitchen a few minutes later and came close to Amy. "That's Lana, the woman that called earlier. She would like to speak with you."

Amy cleaned off her hands, took off her apron and walked outside the shop. The woman was stunningly beautiful, dressed elegantly in a form fitting little black dress. Very stylish, Amy mused, right down to the $500 sunglasses. She was suddenly very aware of her own outfit - white tanktop and khaki shorts. "Hi, I'm Amy. Jenny said you wanted to speak with me?" Amy noted the untouched dessert in front of the woman - a medallion of white chocolate mousse, sealed in a smooth coating of white chocolate ganach, drizzle of raspberry, sprig of mint. One of their best sellers. Amy inquired, eying the dessert, "Is anything not to your liking?"

The woman laughed pleasantly. "Heavens no! I just cannot bring myself to jab a fork in something so lovely! I am Lana, won't you join me..."

Amy sat down as Lana gently tapped the ganache shell of her dessert.

Lana smiled. "This is exquisite. I have always marvelled at how smooth this is - how it wraps around every curve so elegantly...when it is done this well, that is."

"Thank you."

Lana continued. "Your work has captured the imagination of some members, myself included, of a club to which I belong. A very private club. We would like your help, Amy, with a very special project. It is highly confidential for reasons that would soon become clear, but I can tell you enough today in order for you to gauge your interest."

Amy shifted in her seat, not sure what to make of this woman yet. "OK, I'm listening."

Lana took a forkfull of dessert. "Well let me ask you a few questions, if I may. First, how much of this lovely ganache would it take to completely cover a woman your size?"

Amy giggled nervously. "Wow, honestly did not see that coming. But ok, um...I guess about a half gallon, maybe a little more. I...I've never done that before."

Lana casually took another bite. "Mmmmm. so delicious. Well there is a first time for everything, isn't there?"

Amy shifted again. This woman was serious. "Um, well, there would be a host of logistical problems, starting with body temperature, movement and...perspiration... I cannot believe we are talking about this." Amy laughed nervously.

"Why not? I like the idea of being covered with icing, and having someone lick it off me. Better yet, having many lick it off me." Lana sipped her cappuchino casually, eyeing Amy. "Sounds like fun, doesn't it?"

"Well, yeah, I guess it does - that part of it. It's just getting the icing to  -"

Lana interrupted her. "To stay where you put it."


"So? How do you make it stay where you put it? How do you get it to flex enough not to make yourself look all cracked like the bottom of a dry creek bed?" Lana quizzed Amy.

Amy took the challenge, thinking for a few moments. "Well, there are things I could put in the icing to both make it stick better and flex more, but I really don't know how far that would get you. You would reallly need the model to hold very still. Cakes don't move around that much - sorry."

The two women burst into laughter. Lana finally sat back and smiled.

"I knew you were the right one for this. So when can you start?"

Amy sat up straight. "What?! Start what? I haven't agreed to anything yet - I I am not even sure this would work."

"I know, I know. All I want is your time and energy to try." Lana read Amy's body language pefectly: Definite interest, worried about the logistics, clueless as to how she might explain such an erotic endeavor to anyone. Lana continued, "Of course this would have to be done in absolute secrecy - I am sorry but I would need your assurance that you would not tell anyone about this - anyone."

Amy nodded, casting a furtive glance toward her shop, toward Jenny. "I understand, but how-"

Lana didn't allow Amy to finish the thought. "I have a place on the outskirts of town here, on the mainland. It has a very well-appointed kitchen, and since I am staying at my summer place on the  island, the place is yours. Stop by the house tonight and check out the kitchen. Feel free to stay over if you like. Just tell me what you need and I will have everything sent there. We are on a time schedule unfortunately. Look, I realize this sounds a bit bizarre to you, but there is more to the story that I am not at liberty to tell you just yet." Lana flashed Amy a mischevious smile, leaned forward and whispered, "...but I can promise you that you will have lots of fun!"

Amy smiled, staring down at the table, in part because this was one of the str.angest conversations she had ever experienced, and in part because she was kind of getting into the idea of painting naked bodies with cake frosting. It was very erotic to think about, and she felt her face flushing. "OK, I'll give it a try. But I will need a model to practice on, right?"

Lana beamed. She had her now. "Done." She pulled out a check, pre-written to Amy personally, for five thousand dolllars. This is a deposit. You will receive another fifty thousand if we are satisfied with the results of your efforts.

Amy chuckled. "Wow. Apparently you are serious. There is only one question remaing then: white or dark chocolate?"

The two women burst out laughing again. Amy wrote down a long list of ingredients she would require, and Lana passed her the key to her house along with directions. Neither of them noticed a customer entering the shop. Amy heard the bell jingle and looked into the shop as they exchanged cellphone numbers.

Lana purred, "Don't let me keep you - we'll have plenty of time together. Just a few more things I must explain to you..." Lana took Amy's hand for emphasis, gently tapping Amy's wedding ring as she continued, "...I must insist on absolute secrecy. This means even your husband cannot know what you are doing for me. I want you to tell him, and anyone else you need to tell, that you are house-sitting for a friend. Pack a bag if you want but I want you to stay over there, for appearances. Just tell your husband this could lead to a lot of repeat business and it is something you need to do for yourself. What does your husband do, if I may ask?"

Amy chortled, "Um sure, well, he was laid off a few months ago from his accounting firm, but just started working at a summer estate out on the Island."
"Really? Where?" Lana inquired, sipping her coffee as Amy told her what she clearly knew already.

Lana smiled. "Well, he is in very good hands. Samba is a good friend of mine - I will put in a word for him. Samba is quite likely to keep your husband very, very busy this summer. Oh, that reminds me - I have a full staff of servants at the house - I will give them instructions to give you everything you need."

Amy smiled, thanked Lana and hurried back into the shop. She helped the customer and then went back to her work in the kitchen, trying to process what just happened.

Jenny chimed brightly, "So, did you enjoy your date?"

"Shut up you. She loved your white chocolate mousse...but not as much as my ganache!"


Amy paused for a minute. "Hey, when was the last time I let you leave early?"

"Um...never?" Jenny teased.

"Well today's the day girlfriend. You opened for me this morning, so why don't you finish the Patterson order and drop it off on your way home, OK?"

Later that afternoon, Amy was alone in the kitchen finishing the last orders for the day, thinking about how Ronin would look covered in icing. Like a god, probably... The familiar jingle of the front door brought her back to the present, and she emerged to the front shop, stopping short as she found herself looking at Ronin. "I was just thinking about you!" Amy blurted out, kicking herself instantly.

Ronin smiled warmly. "And I was thinking about you too." He held up a beautifully wrapped gift basket.

Amy backpedaled a step. "Ronin, you know I am married, right?"

Ronin chuckled. "Well now, that would explain why your husband asked me to bring this to you!"

Amy relaxed, largely because she had not just ended their interaction. "Oh, sorry, I thought..."

Ronin came around the counter and asked innocently. "May I put this down in the kitchen somewhere? We don't want anyone to think it's for sale, right?"

Amy nodded, not sure what else to do, not sure how she would explain why she was alone in the kitchen with the very embodiment of her sexual fantasies. But what the hell. "Um, sure, thanks. That worktable is fine. So, you're a delivery boy too?" She quickly fixed her hair as she followed him into the kitchen.

Ronin handed Amy the card from the gift basket. "I do a lot of things for my keepers - I love the variety, even though they work me like a slave. I love that too. Would you like me to unwrap this for you?"

"Um, sure...thanks." Amy processed what he just said. Keepers? Slave? Interesting. "So, your...keepers...aren't expecting your little slave self to get right back to them?" Amy smiled playfully.

Ronin stood straight and moved close to Amy. "Here, let me help you with that..." His deep voice was gentle, seductive. His eyes never left hers as he took the envelope from her fingers, pulled out the card, and placed the card back in her hand, then replied, "My keepers instructed me to stay with you as long as you want me to stay, and to do absolutely anything you ask. Anything. And if it pleases you to know, I am not what most would consider 'little'""

Amy's pulse quickened. "Really." She opened the card and read it, smiled and said, "OK then, Ronin, I want you to make me a cup of this tea. Put at least five berries in the cup, and make sure it steeps for at least five minutes." Amy leaned back on the counter imperiously.

Ronin gazed down at her warmly. "Thank you for letting me do this for you. I understand these berries add a nice sweetness to the tea, but I am not sure if five are enough. Should I add a few more?"

Amy smiled, "I like it very sweet Ronin, surprise me."

Ronin took a handful of berries and dropped them in the mug. "As you wish..." He took the box of tea with him, found a kettle, and lit the stove in one fluid motion.

Amy laughed. "At last, a man who knows his way around the kitchen!"

Ronin smiled at her. "I would love to cook for you some time."

Amy smiled back. "I'll remember that. I need to finish this pastry dough, OK?"

"Will you let me help you?" Ronin asked.

Amy looked at him questioningly.

Ronin read her mind. "I have nothing to do until my yoga class at 7 o'clock, so why not put me to work?"

Just then Amy's phone chirped. A text message from Peter: 'Hi did u get it yet?'

Amy smiled. Get what exactly, she mused. She typed back a 'yes thank u' followed by 'very sweet'.

A moment later Peter texted back 'bad news - have to stay for training class - gonna miss last ferry, will need to stay over here tonight - sorry! luv u'

Amy's pulse quickened as she realized she had the night to herself. "Well, once my tea is ready, maybe you could knead the dough with me. My hands always cramp up after a while." She quickly texted an 'ok no problem c u tmrw' to Peter, and put her phone away. She got right into assembling the ingredients she needed, and measured them into a big bowl. Why shouldn't she have some fun with Ronin on her own tonight - she could use a few laughs. No need to worry Peter over something over which he had no control...

Ronin handed her the cup of tea, asking her to try it as he rolled up his sleeves and washed his hands.

Amy sipped the tea. "Wow, that's strong. But delicious. Mmmm. thank you." She took another sip, and another.

Ronin dove right into the mixing bowl, making light work of the kneading.

Amy felt a delicious warm glow in her tummy that just seemed to be spreading out slowly all over her body. She noticed the muscles in Ronin's arms, found it easy to watch them flexing, straining, turning her ingredients into soft putty as she sipped her tea. She took a deep breath and let it out with a long sigh. "You know, this is the first time I have relaxed all day. Thank you for helping me, Ronin." She watched his hands kneading the dough. "You've got strong hands. I bet you would give me an amazing massage." Amy gasped, brought her hand to her mouth, but then started laughing. "Did I say that out loud? Sorry." She sipped her tea some more.

Ronin smiled, without looking up. "I would certainly try to please you. Where is your tension greatest?"

Amy smiled, allowing herself to imagine Ronin's hands on her skin. God she wanted to be touched right now. "Behave yourself." She was warning herself as much as Ronin.

Ronin just chuckled, as he extracted the pastry dough from the bowl, threw it on a cutting board and began expertly cutting and folding it so quickly that Amy's mouth hung open. In another few minutes he had the dough separated into shapes and  lined up on a cooking sheet. "Butter glaze OK?"

Amy just nodded her head, feeling a sudden increase in her sexual attraction to Ronin, and resolving to control it. "Um, let me help you with that part."

Ronin waited patiently for Amy to refocus on her glaze ingredients, admiring how deftly she measured out the ingredients into a saucepan. Then he asked innocently, "May I heat things up here?"

Amy flushed slightly. "Oh absolutely." She watched with growing interest as Ronin expertly stirred the glaze, brought it to a boil then simmered it until it thickened.

Ronin brought the saucepan to Amy, now sitting on a counter next to the stove. "Taste?" He dipped his finger into the sauce and held it up to Amy's lips innocently.

Amy sidestepped an admonishment for Ronin not using a spoon and simply opened her mouth, allowing him to slide his finger between her lips. The sauce was really good, and she flicked his finger with her tongue playfully as her lips closed possessively around his finger. "Mmmmmmmm....not bad..." She observed, after Ronin slowly withdrew his finger from her wet lips. She realized she was clearly past the point where she should have politely thanked Ronin for his help, and then insist he leave. She was hit with a startling realization as she sipped her tea again: That voice of reason in her mind was still admonishing her, but she had formed a crystal-clear image of that rational side of herself on a television in front of her, dutifully advising her of the most cautious, prudent, safest action as she watched herself on the screen. She realized that this new view of her conscious, rational mind was very liberating - television offered opinions or entertainment, not reality to be absorbed without question. Everyone knew that. Her conscious mind was now becoming a form of entertainment, a single opinion out of a great many, to be enjoyed or dismissed as she pleased. She considered her ability to turn down the volume, to get up and leave this virtual room, to turn off this virtual televison altogether if she did not like what she was hearing. She was empowered now, like never before! The thought excited her in a strangely fundamental and sexual way. And she could finally hear that other side of her thoughts, her true side, so clearly: Amy felt a strong sexual attraction to Ronin - why not pursue it? She alllowed herself a hot little daydream as she looked at Ronin's muscled body. She though about him as her protector, how hot it would be for him to come to her rescue. With very little further thought she inquired of Ronin, "My god you are big. Tell me what you would do if a bunch of thugs broke in here right now, demanding all my secret recipes?"

Ronin smiled, his own sexual interest causing his face to flush as well. "Before or after I broke their arms and knocked them out for even thinking of offending you?" He reached out to Amy's cheek, deliberately lifting a stray strand of hair from her cheek and lifting it back slowly behind her ear, his fingertips grazing her cheek, her ear.

Amy felt chills of excitement. "Oh, definitely after, but assume that they first had a chance to sneak in and grab me  - roughly, mind you - and carry me kicking and screaming to the table over there..." As she processed what she had just said, a flood of sexual energy coursed through her like wildfire. It was so intense she gasped quietly.

Ronin played right along, the bulg in his crotch beginning to illustrate his interest. "Hmm. I would need more facts, I think." he teased, "...for example, how many thugs are we talking about? And how could they come in and grab you without me seeing them?"

Amy laughed. "Well I was going to say three but since you're being a pain, there were ten. And they were very fast. They covered my mouth while you were still stirring that glaze, and they had me tied very securely before you even knew they were there..." She let her imagination run wild with the idea of Ronin rescuing her, maybe even leaving her tied up for a little while...mmmmm the possibilities...

"I see. Most cooks take their tastings more seriously." Ronin mused playfully.

"Oh really? Is that so?" Amy stuck two fingers deep into the sticky glaze. Perhaps you will demonstrate a better technique then?" What was she doing, she wondered? She watched Ronin put the saucepan down, take her wrist and slowly envelope her two fingers in his mouth, and slowly sucked them clean, taking much more time than required. Amy let the delicious sensations continue, until she realized how much this was turning her on. She then quickly pulled her fingers free self-consciously. "Sorry, that just felt too good. Um, let's get these pastries done and in the oven now."

Ronin nodded in agreement, adding the glaze and then sliding the pastries into the oven.  Then he made light work of cleaning up. Eventuallly he caught Amy's eye and said with a sly smile, "I would have to leave you tied up for a while."

Amy caught her breath. "What?! Oh...of course you would. Beating up ten thugs would take some time."

Ronin shrugged, not looking up from his pot-washing. "Not really. But I would need to make sure you weren't hurt before untying you. That might take some time. And then of course I would do what any red-blooded man like me would want to do in that situation..."

Amy stared at him provocatively, her heart pounding with anticipation. "I'm listening."

"Invite you to my yoga class." Ronin offered matter of factly.

Amy threw a dishtowel at him. "You are such a tease!"

Ronin laughed. "Really. Would you come with me tonight? It would be fun, I promise. Do you practice yoga?" He. inquired, already knowing the answer.

Amy laughed nervously, thinking about how her own yoga class often left her delightfully relaxed and horny. But she wasn't about to throw herself at Ronin, so why not? "Sure, sounds like fun.  I could use a long, hard session. I mean-" What was she saying? Get a grip, girl. "I mean I have been doing yoga for years - I love it."

Ronin cut in. "Great, me too. Do you like an intense session?"

Amy quietly said "Um, yes...actually I do." Her mind filling with images of Ronin thrusting in and out of her like a wild animal, both of them dripping with sweat. "...oh wow. I mean, I don't have any workout stuff with me."

"No problem, this place has everything you need." Ronin smiled, noting Amy's dilated pupils. She was very beautiful, he mused, feeling his cock stir. The tea would start kicking in soon. This was going to be an interesting night. Innocently he offered, "No sense in both of us driving - I can take you."


They walked into the tastefully done yoga studio and were greeted warmly by a pretty, lithe woman named Jodi. "Namaste." Jodi offered pleasantly.

Ronin introduced Amy to their instructor and the three of them chatted casually as others arrived and set up their mats. Amy followed Ronin to the changing rooms, where a pleasant attendant handed her a very thin stretchy leotard

A few minutes later Amy returned to the studio, ahead of Ronin, saw others warming up and moved into some postures herself. All of the other women wore what she wore, and nobody seemed to mind the fact that the skimpy leotards did little to actually cover a woman's more privaqte areas. It was oddly liberating. She watched Ronin and some other men coming out of the changing room area several minutes later. He wore lycra shorts which did little to conceal his anatomy, and nothing else. Her heart skipped a beat as she drank in the sight of him - bare chest, six pack abs, powerful arms and legs, handsome face, wet hair. Wait - what?! Amy whispered hoarsely, "You showered?! She glanced around and realized all the guys did.

Ronin nodded. "I wouldn't want to detract from your experience by smelling like a horse."

Amy kept staring at him. "Awww that is so sweet." Her eyes dropped to the massive bulge in his shorts. He may not smell like a horse but he sure is hung like one, she mused to herself.

Jodi's gentle voice called their session to order as she asked each couple to embrace for some breathing exercises.


Amy looked around the room and watched the guys helping the girls into their laps as their arms intertwined. Mouth open, she turned back to Ronin, seated in a full lotus next to her. He never bothered to mention this was a couples yoga class. A surge of anger flooded her, but that energy quickly turned into sexual arousal. In a daze she took his outstretched hand and let him steer her into his lap facing him, letting him gently guide her calves behind his back, feeling herself pressing gently against his warm skin as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She sighed as his arms enfolded around her, pulling her much closer against him. "Ronin, I-" she protested weakly, allowing herself to be distracted by Jodi's instructions to breathe in deeply,  hold, release. Oh god this felt good. Each breath in sealed their bodies against each other for a few blissful moments.

Jodi's soft voice floated through the room, "And when you begin to feel your breathing coming into alignment, go ahead and connect more completely at your lower chakras..."

Amy looked at Ronin, as they both nodded. She gasped quietly as Ronin slid his hands to her ass and very firmly pulled her hips in against his crotch, her legs splayed wide now and her pussy pressed fully against the base of his semi- soft cock. What was she doing here? Why wasn't she resisting any of this? As they synchronized their breathing again, Amy returned to the hot daydream she had before, only now it was much more vivid and detailed: She lounged comfortably on a couch, watching her 'old self' on the television in front of her hollering angrily, 'Why aren't you resisting any of this?!! You are married! Shouldn't be doing this with someone else!' Amy imagined herself rising from the couch, strolling to the television and turning the volume down, but she couldn't get up from the couch - it was just tooooo comfortable. In her dream, the couch slid backwards out of the room, through a large door opening and into another more sumptuously furnished room. There were french doors at the doorway, and she watched them swing slowly closed, hearing her far-away 'old self' on the tv shouting at her not to let the doors close. But why not let that happen? That rational side of her was just such a drag. Besides, she could always open the doors if she felt like being yelled at by a TV, right? The doors clicked closed in her dream and she returned to her reality, smiling as she and Ronin breathed, feeling a surge of wonderful, sexual energy coursing through her. She wondered if Ronin could tell how wet her pussy was becoming.

Jodi next asked the couples to return to their own mats, a suggestion greeted by playful groans and complants throughout the studio. She took it in stride, reminding everyone how completely her set of asanas would awaken their sexual energies.

Amy found the first thirty minutes of postures familiar and she slipped into a blissful calm glow of relaxation as they moved into the next part of the session. Many of these postures were new to her, and Jodi spent a great deal of time with her to ensure she did them correctly. Indeed these postures seemed to awaken her sexual pleasure centers dramatically, and she felt her deep sense of calm becoming seasoned with deliciously intense waves of sexual pleasure. She completely lost track of time.

Jodi finally asked couples to reunite for the third and final segment of class, called 'Energy Gathering and Release'.

Amy positioned herself between Ronin's outstretched legs, back to him as instructed, allowing him to gently spread her thighs further and further apart. She smiled as Jodi complimented her flexibility - her legs were almost straight out to each side. Amy felt her ass more fully against Ronin's massive bulge, pretending not to notice how his cock twitched and grew.

Jodi instructed the guys to commence sensory connections. All the girls let their partners slowly raise their arms up and down as they inhaled and exhaled.

Amy found even the breathing completely intoxicating. She did not resist at all as she felt Ronin gently push her forward, bringing her arms behind her back and clasping them gently but firmly between his hands as he carefully lowered her torso to the floor. As Amy settled her shoulders down on the mat, legs still outstretched to her sides, she rotated her hips slightly, finding her pussy coming in full contact with Ronin's hardening cock. She heard curtains being drawn along a track, and watched Jodi quietly pulling a velvet divider out from the wall on both sides of them, effectively giving them complete privacy. "How are you guys doing? How about some tension straps?" Jodi didn't wait for an answer, and returned with a bunch of thick rubber straps, each of which had soft wide cuffs at the ends, and an adjustment buckle. Amy watched in a daze as Jodi quickly fastened cuffs to Ronin's ankles, and then to hers. In less than a minute Amy's left ankle was connnected by a loose strap behind Ronin's back to Ronin's right ankle, and her right ankle was similarly tethered to Ronin's left. Amy felt no tension at all from the straps but relaxed into the deep wonderful stretch in her thighs and in her lower back from holding this compromising position. She felt like purring as she squirmed imperceptibly against Ronin's hardness, her clitoris suddenly very very sensitized, engorged and demanding attention.

Jodi's soft voice offered the next instruction to the females in the room. "Ok ladies, cobra please, maintain your leg positions, and do enjoy yourselves..."

Amy placed her hands under her shoulders and pressed her shoulders up, arching her back as she pushed her sex more firmly against Ronin. She gasped quietly as her swollen labia spread out against Ronin's shaft, her clit receiving a delicious jolt of stimulation whenever she moved even slightly. "Oh wow..."

Jodi spoke again, a twinge of amusement in her voice now. "Ok guys, straps in now please, but hold your leg postures...girls, flex your calves inward..."

Amy felt her ankles being slowly tugged up over Ronin's legs and then as her knees bent, her ankles passed each other behind Ronin's back. In just seconds Ronin had pulled her legs so tightly around him that she could not move out of contact from his hard cock - she could only vary the pressure and intensity.

Jodi spoke calmly, "Ok guys, gently close and open..."

Amy felt Ronin's massive legs sliding in underneath her, tightening her ankle straps as they did. She was pressed more fully against his cock, and could do nothing about it. Her clitoris demanded stimilation, and she rocked tentatively side to side. The tiny movement sent powerful tingles of sexual energy coursing outwards from her sex, and she actually cried out softly in surprise. She had never felt so deeply turned on before.Her head swam with lust as Ronin began to find a rhythm with her of opening and closong her legs, lots of pressure, then little, then more. Amy felt herself building toward an orgasm as she rocked back against Ronin silently, her sexual passion starting to consume her. She bit her lip as she rode over the crest of her first orgasm, marvelling to hersel how intensely pleasurable the sensations were as she climaxed quietly and rested herself on the mat, listening to other women responding similarly. She felt Ronin's fingertips gently stroking her back, and indeed started to purr contentedly, a smile growing on her face as she realized something startling: Ronin had just given her the most intense orgasm she could remember without even entering her. She giggled softly at the thought, suddenly wanting more.

As if reading her mind, Ronin moved his hands to Amy's thighs and began rocking her gently but quickly against his rock-hard cock. His powerful hands gripped her thighs possessively.

Amy's mouth opened as she realized how intense this surprise set of sensations felt to her with her legs wrapped tightly around Ronin. His powerful hands rocked her like a machine, and she quickly felt her arousal spiralling into the orgasmic stratosphere. She had never felt anything this intense before, and started moaning as Ronin found the perfect rhythm and just kept rocking her relentlessly, ignoring her panting pleas to let her catch her breath as he propelled her to higher and higher levels of sexual pleasure. On some primal level Amy knew that she was building toward the most intense orgasmic experience of her life, and felt herself switching off any distractions or impulses to resist. She was panting like an animal now as she felt the enormous sexual energy growing within her, sensing it forming slowly into orgasmic release as the sensations grew more and more intense. She now urged Ronin on, her voice a hoarse shout, "Don't stop!! Oh don't stop!!" Five minutes more, ten minutes more, Ronin rocked Amy like a human vibrator. Amy's orgasm finally reached her, seeming to pour out of her sexual center in all directions as she moaned, then screamed, whimpered and cried for what felt like twenty minutes as the orgasm intensified more and more as she experienced it. She finally collapsed on the floor, spent. She heard applause coming from the rest of the studio, and women congratulating Amy with touching sincerity.

Ronin undid their straps and folded his arms around Amy, just holding her sweaty, trembling body against his as she came down from her orgasmic high slowly, blissfully. By the time either one of them moved, the studio was empty except for Jodi. She eventually drew the curtains back.

"Very, very nice connection, you two. Quite special really." She smiled and left them alone.

Ronin drove Amy back to her shop, offering to buy her some dinner.

Amy declined wistfully, her senses slowly returning . "I cannot believe we just did that. Ronin, look, I have never -"

Ronin cut her off gently. "As far as I'm concerned, it seemed like you connected very well to your own sexual energies, and it was beautiful to see. That is nothing to be ashamed of in my book."

Amy smiled at him warmly, immediately feeling better. "I thank you, Ronin, this was a wonderful evening. It's like you are scary-clairvoyant - and I don't mind telling you that this was the hottest date I've ever been on. I am getting out of the car now, before I get myself in real trouble. Besides, I have to get over to a friend's house - I am house sitting." Why was she telling him this!!

A half-hour later Amy pulled up at the address of Lana's house, her mouth agape at the sprawling mansion emerging in front of her as she drove up the long drive. "No wonder she has servants..." Amy replayed in her mind the experience of her explosive orgasms in the yoga class, writhing against Ronin. She chuckled in disbelief thinking that he wasn't even inside her as she came wildly. His sense of timing was unbelievable, like he knew what she was thinking, what she needed next. She let herself entertain the thought of what it would feel like to have him inside her. She was feeling very horny again as she slid the key into the lock.

The door suddenly opened and her heart stopped as she took in the male figure smiling  in front of her. Ronin.

To be continued...