New Directions Part 2

New Directions Part 2

"...Five. Wide awake and ready to achieve your aims."

My eyes focused on beautiful Lana, who spoke without bothering to look at me.

"Mistress Samba will see you now."

I made an effort to sit up, quickly realizing that I was still trapped in the leather sack, I could not turn my head more than a fraction of an inch in any direction, my groggy mind informing me that I was wearing a wide posture collar that came up snugly under my jaw and well up the back of my head. My head swam with erotic thoughts and images. I suddenly wanted to know how long I had been out. I turned awkwardly to Lana to inquire. "I obey Mistress Samba." The words coming out of my mouth startled me. I gave Lana an apologetic look and tried again to ask my question. "I obey Mistress Samba."

Lana placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder. "Of course you do. We all do."

I began to panic. Where was I exactly? Thoughts came back to me, mixing fluidly with other thoughts. Amy flirting with Ronin at the gate. Amy and Ronin half naked ravaging each other. Amy in the throes of orgasm, laying on the hood of her car, back arched while Ronin fucked her endlessly...NO!! Wait! what the??? I shook my head to clear the images but they remained. I needed answers. What was happening to me?? I turned again to Lana, now with a look of wild panic in my eyes as I shouted, "I OBEY MISTRESS SAMBA!!

Lana chuckled now, watching me squirm helplessly in my leather encasement. She turned her head upward to the ceiling and said, "Mistress Katya, I believe the male has demonstrated sufficient saturation for an initial session. would it please you to test his collar now and then remove it?

Lana stared intently at my collar, waiting nervously for its lining to start inflating inward against my neck. Nothing happened. "Um, Mistress Katya, it is not inflating."

"Of course not dear." Mistress Katya's voice filled the room through the ceiling speakers.  "You don't really think I would perform an unsanctioned remote collar test, do you? No, I have sent my nurses to assess your male first. only when they are satisfied will we test anything." Mistress Katya's voice was full of amusement. "I believe you know my twins, don't you?"

Lana gasped. "Mia and Lia?!! Nurses?!!"

Mistress chuckled. "Clinical Specialists, to be exact. And more importantly, two of Mistress Samba's favorites."

"But I thought..." The words stung her. Lana was at a loss for words. suddenly she sprang into action, leaning down to my ear and whispering, "I have to get you out of this collar before..." She didn't bother finishing her sentence as she moved across the room to a cabinet by the door and quietly retrieved the key to the lock on my collar. Just then the door opened and two gorgeous young women, identical twins, strolled in imperiously. They looked about twenty years old, easily eight years younger than Lana. They both wore very sexy black pvc nurse uniforms, with red crosses on the front. The first one noticed the key and purred to Lana, "Is that for me?"

Lana held the key possessively, moving her arm behind her back. "I would never give you this key!" She snarled.

The girl just smiled at her. "Ohhh, I think you will, Lana."

Lana's face reddened with anger. "You two can go fuck yourselves. I am so glad the infamous Mia and Lia went to jail two years ago. You deserved it!  Do you know that college boy that you seduced and then brainwashed? he broke up with his fiance less than a week after he managed to escape from his two eighteen year old captors."

"We let him go, silly."
"And he did exactly what we told him to do. So obedient, even back then."
"You should see him now."

Lana looked at them. "What do you mean?"

I watched the two nurses move in closely on either side of Lana, pressing their bodies in fully against her.

Mia spoke softly, her lips near Lana's ear. "We never went to prison."
Lia did the same on the other side. "That was just a cover story. we have been training."
"...and advancing. Tell us Lana, are you still a level 5 slave?"

Lana shot her a stern glance. "I graduated to level 4 this year."

Lia taunted Lana. "Good for you, honey. But Mistress Samba  moved us to level 4 the night we let our first prisoner go, two years ago."
"Mmmmm, see we're both level 1 slaves now."
"We start our Mistress Prep classes this fall."

Lana looked stunned. "You cannot be serious."

A soft chuckling came through the ceiling speakers, then Mistress Katya joined the conversation. "Lana dear, it's quite true. My twins show great promise. Their instincts for dominance and control are unlike anything we have ever seen before. Mistress Samba has been training them personally for the past two years. Lana dear, you and the male in your care are hereby notified that you are in the presence of Superiors, and will be expected to obey Mia and Lia without question and with great enthusiasm and gratitude. I highly recommend that you do not displease them in any way. The twins have offered to assist in training your new male friend - I should think you would be very, very grateful for their time and creative energies. Now then, my dear Lillie here is on the verge of losing consciousness...perhaps I will give her a moment of rest while you get on with your day there. Girls, the modifications you made to Adam are providing excellent results - well done!"

In practiced unison the twins replied graciously, "Thank you, Mistress Katya. We are honored to serve you."

Mia continued, with sugar-sweet reverence, "Mistress, may I ask how you enjoyed your breakfast? Was it to your liking? If not, I would of course be happy to come right back and prepare -"

"No, no it was delicious my pet. So sweet of you." Mistress purred.

Mia continued, "It was the least we could do for you, after our morning wakeup together. I can still taste you Mistress. may I be permitted to fantasize today about giiving you long intense orgasms again and again?"

Mistress sighed, "Oh Mia, you most certainly may. that was an exquisite performance this morning."

Mia continued innocently, watching the wicked smile on Lia's lips as they held Lana captive between their bodies, "Mistress, I am afraid we already notice some issues with Lana's behavior that call into question her recent elevation to level 4. We seek your guidance on this, but we recommend that Lana be placed in our care, until we have a chance to evaluate her properly."

After a long pause Mistress Katya replied,, "This is highly unusual girls. Are you certain this is necessary?"

"Absolutely Mistress. And we recommend exclusive  joint slave ownership for Lia and myself, open-ended term, no appeal process. Mistress, you know how we feel about inappropriate level ascendance...some girls are simply destined to remain slaves. Graduating them to higher slave levels only serves to confuse them." Mia spoke matter of factly as Lia stroked Lana's cheek, rewarding Lana's decision to remain silent.

Mistress Katya chuckled, admiring the aggressive proposition the twins had put forth. "Very well girls, effective immediately, you now jointly own Lana as your slave."

Lana's eyes widened and she opened her mouth to protest, only to feel Lia press a single finger to her lips. She made no sound, realizing she had no hope of reversing Mistress Katya's decision.

I watched Lia produce a small pump spray, and pump a pink cloud of something right in Lana's face as she turned Lana's face in her diirection.  It was as if the very thoughts in Lana's mind dissolved.

Mia picked right up on this. "It can become confusing sometimes, having two owners..."

"Maybe a little frightening..."
"But very arousing."

I watched as Lana reacted to the potion, trying slowly to swat it away, clearly disoriented. Lia smoothed Lana's maid uniform up over her head, leaving her arms tangled in the garment over her head. Mia's hands smoothed down Lana's naked belly and back, her rubber-gloved fingers entering her possessively, front and back.

Mia innocently inquired. "Mistress Katya, would it please You to have this male left in our care as well? We are presently in need of a research subject."

Mistress Katya chuckled. "Of course girls, nothing would please me more. But he must request this himself."

"Of course Mistress, we will provide him ample opportunity to make his decision. Thank you so much, Mistress - please let us know if there is anything we can do for You today."

I heard the phone call end, and I was alone with Mia, Lia and their new slave Lana. I watched with growing arousal as the two nurses instructed their slave to finish undressing. Lana was then made to help them both put on rubber gloves, and then stand, legs far apart, hands above her head, fingertips touching.

Mia and Lia then began stroking, pinching Lana's naked body, warning her to hold still. in only a few minutes, Lana was trembling with fear, lust and anticipation. They had been ignoring me completely, but Mia suddenly shot me a look, a wicked smile on her face as she admonished me, "Lower your eyes, boy."

"I - I am sorry... I meant no disrespect..." I blurted out, quickly looking down at the floor.

"Of course not. We know that," Mia replied soothingly, sensing my growing fear. "In fact, we really would be pleased for you to participate in our research program, but you do have a say in this. if you prefer to wash out garbage pails every day for the rest of the summer, we can arrange that. But I can assure you our research is much more fun and exciting. We'll give you a few minutes to think this over, as you need to decide whether you are going to listen to that tiny little voice in your mind telling you to get up and run away." Mia's voice was soft and soothing, offering no clues as to the depth and intensity of their research program. "You know, for centuries males have perpetuated the myth that an animal has only two basic instinctive reactions: Fight or Flight. We Females are well aware that there are actually three basic instinctive reactions inherent in the male, the third being 'Surrender'..."

The trigger word hit me like a jolt of electricity, and I dropped immediately into a pleasant light trance, feeling my arousal growing. I heard Mistress Samba's voice speaking the trigger over and over in my head, my mind acting like an echo chamber as I sank deeper into trance.

Mia continued in a soft voice, "The instinct to Surrender is very strong in some animals...much stronger than the instint to fight or flee, even though those animals have developed ways to temporarily suppress or mask the Surrender instinct. And Lia and I have learned that the instinct to Surrender can be nurtered and strengthened. To what degree of course depends on the subject. Lia and I do know that there are lots of males out there actively hiding their instinctive need to Surrender to a dominant Female. Those are the subjects that contribute the most to our research, and who benefit most from the experience." Mia strolled slowly over to me, standing over me as I knelt on the floor, eyes lowered. She inquired brightly, so, what do you want to do today?"

I kept hearing the Surrender command in my mind, and immediately a very clear, single thought entered my mind and I spoke it instantly. "I want to please and obey the Female." I blushed deeply, not fully aware why I said those words. "I-I am sorry...I don't know where that came from..."

Mia placed a reassuring hand on my head, "it's okay, that was a very good answer. But let me ask you another question. What do you NEED to do today?"

Without any thought I immediately blurted out, "I need to please and obey the Female!" Where was this coming from? I could not actively remember anything from the trance session earlier, but I felt things. Powerful urges, waves of sexual arousal. Really weird.

Mia strolled over to the exam chair where I remained captive."That is a very powerful admission - I am impressed with your willingness to share this truth with us."

I squirmed inside my leather cocoon, unable to think clearly but noting that I no longer wore underwear.

Mia purred softly as she stood next to me, "Tell me again what you NEED today."

My response was immediate, as if programmed. "I need to please and obey the Female."

Mia stood in front of me with a questioning look. "So to be clear...Lia and I  are Females, so you need to please and obey both of us?"

I nodded yes, too afraid to speak.

Mia smiled, "This is very interesting. So if I told you that it would please me to sit on your lap, you would allow me to do so?" Mia didn't wait for an answer as she straddled my thighs facing me, hiked up her nurse uniform and lowered herself into my lap, her arms luxuriously coming around my shoulders, stroking my hair.

Mia pressed on, "And if Lia wanted nothing more than to strap you tightly to this exam chair, you would allow her to do that?

"Yes." I didn't have time to think about my answer, which appeared to be crystal clear in my mind.

Mia smiled as my cock hardened, forming a tent in the leather encasement between us. She slid slowly closer to me, her rubber clad sex just brushing softly against my cock. "Hmmmm... an arousal response at the prospect of restraint, and a noteworthy mind saturation response after just one single session. Nurse Lia, would you make note of this please? we will need to recommend intensive mind control training for this male."

"No, please..." I whispered, my mouth dry. The resistance instantly filled my mind with one thought. "I obey Mistress Samba!"

Mia pressed herself against me more fully, the heat of her sex pressed firmly against the base of my rock hard cock as she purred, "Shhhhh, we know that... just relax...surrender...obey...Mistress Samba will be very  pleased."

I dropped immediately deeper into a trance, fully aware of Mia on my lap, intensely aware of my growing sexual arousal, unable to connect the thought of resistance with any meaningful action.

Mia whispered in my ear, "We all obey Mistress Samba...we hunger only to please her. You are feeling this already, I can tell. This pleases us so very much.Mistress Samba allows us to select our research subjects, but expects us to choose only the most...eager..." Mia began slowly humping and grinding against my cock.

I was startled by a warm wet tongue licking my other ear as Lia purred into it, "Tell us how eager you are..." Lia gently purred. Mia sighed sensually in my ear as she pressed herself fully against me as she continued to gyrate and grind in my lap.

I was lost in the erotic sensations, overwhelmed by the seduction. "YES! Oh, yes I am eager to join your research work if you will have me."

"Oh, we will have you, if we decide to accept you."
"Are you eager to obey?"
" must be very, very eager to obey."
"We insist on this."
"We demand obedience."
"We demand your obedience."
"We instruct..."
"...and you learn."
"We dictate..."
"...and you obey like a dog."
"Are you eager to obey?"

my head was spinning with lust. "I am eager to obey."

"Then you will listen."

"Yes," I whispered

"And you will obey."

"Yes..." My arousal was now consuming me, clouding all other thoughs. Exactlly as plannned.  I thrust my hips forward, hoping to increase the stimulation against my throbbing member, only to feel Mia and Lia both step away from me. my heart was pounding with lust as I looked at them standing now together in front of me. They truly were beautiful, and only then did I realize how identical they really were. I quickly tried to scan their faces, hair, bodies for any distinguishing marks or differences, but could discern nothing.

As if sensing what I was doing, they turned in unison, and strolled to each side of me fluidly and gracefully, each step, each movement a perfect mirror image of the other. It was fascinating and unsettling at the same time.

"Gaze at our feet as we speak to you..."

I tried to turn my head, realizing the posture collar prevented this almost completely. I strained my eyes to look down and to the side far enough to see Mia's feet.

"Yes, goood boy..." Lia purred

My head swivelled to Lia's side slightly, and my eyes strained similarly to obey. The two young women continued their alternating comments, chuckling at my willingness to strain my eyes back and forth.

"We like to play with you."
"Mmmmm we really do."
"Are you going to leave us?"
"You wouldn't do that, would you?"
"That would displease us."
"That would displease Mistress Samba."
"You would not leave us."
"You could not leave us."
"Are you thinking of leaving us?"

I was being lulled into a trance. "No...would not leave..."

"Good boy."
"Are you sure this is what you want?"
"You must be sure."
"We must be sure you are sure."
"Sure of your place."
"Sure of our authority."
"Sure of your obedience."
"To us."
"Only to us."
"On the count of ten..."
"You become our research subject."
"Eager and obedient..."
"Grateful for each experience."
"Such a good boy."
"Look at you straining to turn your head."
"Looks too easy..."
"Much too easy..."

I felt a few fingers sliding slowly across my neck, in between the collar and my skin."
"So generous."
"Too generous."
"So comfortable."
"Too comfortable."
"Never touch the key."

I watched Mia casually insert the key in the lock of my collar without turning it. I swallowed nervously, which made Lia chuckle.

"Grateful for each and every experience..." the women slowly unzipped my leather encasement all the way down to my feet.

I felt the inside lining of the collar inflating slowly until it pressed snugly against my neck all the way around. it was suddenly a lot harder to turn my head

"Only our feet."
"Eyes down, good boy."
"Say thank you."

I immediately thanked Lia, even as I felt the lining pressurize more completely. I felt my face reddening.

Lia leaned into my ear and purred, "Ronin's cock is more than twice the size of yours..."
Mia remained standing, and spoke quietly, with cool clinical precision, "In order to reduce the pressure in your collar, you must remember and retain the following seqence of numbers: thirty five, eighteen, three...."
"Has she ever been with a man that large?"
"Mmmmm, Amy has a lot to look forward to, doesn't she?"
"Alright. Now repeat the numbers back to me, in order."

I squirmed slightly, trying to remember the numbers while my mind pictured Amy writhing in ecstasy underneath Ronin. "um, thirty five, eighteen, seven-" Immediately the collar inflated, pressing in forcefully against my neck.
"Try again please."

I began again. "Thirty five..." Lia's sexy voice was again in my ear, and now she kissed and licked my ear loudly. it was impossible to concentrate.
"Mmmm...I am having this hot fantasy of slipping Amy a little potion - part inhibition remover and part powerful aphrodesiac, and then creating a scene where she and Ronin have to spend lots and lots of time together. how long do you think she would hold out?"
"Repeat the. numbers please. Repeat them correctly and we may reconsider sending Ronin to see Amy today. Repeat. Now."

My mind was short-circuiting completely, I tried to remember the numbers but got them wrong, and forgot most of them. I just hoped I had done enough to convince Mia to reduce the pressure. Thankfully she did, and while I was busy drawing my first full breath in what seemed like a long time, Mia gracefully extracted the key from the lock on my collar.

Mia spoke. "I am satisfied, Lia. You?"
"Oh, yes. He didn't even try to grab for the key, not even when the veins were bulging through his temples. A true submissive - Mistress Samba will be pleased."
Mia patted my head. "Good boy! Welcome to our research program. We are looking forward to exploring you in great detail."
"Speaking of bulging veins..." Lia strolled across the room and picked up the lifelike vibrator that apparently had already seen duty this morning humming inside Lana. Lia tapped the underside of my chin with it, "...this is an exact replica of Ronin's cock. Impressive isn't it? Hard for you to measure up to this..." Lia gently slapped my cock with it repeatedly.  The huge phallus made my dick look like a toy. "See what I mean? Amy just could not possibly imagine how good a cock like this feels inside her, unless she had bigger men before you. We wouldn't want to deny her such a...fulfilling...experience, would we?" Lia smirked. "Oh, and that little fantasy I shared with you just a minute ago? It's actually going to happen now. Ronin is going to deliver your thoughtful little gift basket to Amy this afternoon. I am sure Amy is going to thoroughly enjoy it...Mia and I hand-picked everything just for her."
Mia smiled broadly, "Absolutely. And she is going to love how thoughtful you were to send her something to show how much you care about her. Oh, that reminds me - you need to write her a little card to go with the gift basket..."

I watched, stunned, as Mia clipped a leash to my collar and simply began walking across the room, holding the other end of the leash. Seeing the leash triggered a series of thoughts somewhere in my mind: 'You will crawl where She walks...your leash must always have slack, never let it pull will obey....' in one fluid motion I slid off the chair onto my hands and knees, intensely focused on ensuring my leash never lost its gentle curve as Mia strolled to a desk in the corner of the room. a few moments later, I had written down the message to Amy, word-for-word as Mia dictated to me. the last few lines resonated in my head: '...Promise me you will try the Red Passion tea as soon as you read this note! It is best to put at least five of the black berries in your teacup with the tea, and let it steep for at least five minutes. Then eat the berries when you finish the tea.' It occurred to me that I had no idea what any of that meant.

Mia handed the note to Lana with a graceful flourish of her wrist, instructing her to bring the note to Ronin immediately and attach it to the gift basket, and to have Ronin call them in their examination room when she did so. Lana was then to report directly to Mistress Katya for further instructions. "You have three minutes, pet."

I watched with fascination as Lana, now totally naked except for her high heels,  thanked both Mia and Lia profusely, dropping to her hands and knees as she placed reverent kisses on both of their feet. Lana then rose like a lithe cat, and raced out of the room.

Mia smiled wickedly at me, silently picking up my leash and slowly walking me around the room. She patted my head as she cooed, "Good boy! C'mon boy...time to see Mistress Samba."

I crawled behind my two captors as they led me by my leash down a series of corridors until we reached a series of wood panels. Lia pressed a card against a reader and the panels hissed open, revealing a small lift. I entered behind the two women, my pulse quickening as I knelt at the back of the lift, two beautiful asses filling my field of view. The lift began to descend and Mia slowly drew all the slack out of my leash as she spoke.

"Amy would never be able to find you down here."
"And you could not possibly tell her where you are..."

As those thoughts registered they pressed their hips together while Mia tugged hard on my leash, propelling my face deeply into their soft ass cheeks for a few blissful moments before the lift stopped and the doors opened. They let go of the leash and strolled in unison into the examination room, leaving me kneeling on the lift floor.

"Last chance, boy."
"We want to play with you soooo badly..." Lia reached down to Mia's hips and peeled off her nurse uniform, straight up over Mia's upstretched arms before dropping it unceremoniously on the floor.

Mia reciprocated, " badly it hurts..." a moment later she dropped Lia's uniform on the floor as well. The two women now wore nothing but black silk thongs and high stiletto heels.

"You're not ready for this, are you."
"We're gonna crush you."
"You should really go."
"Run boy."
"Get out of here before we get the idea that you want to stay."
"Run along back to Amy..."
"Back to what you know."
"Ruin her date with Ronin."

My mind was going haywire. I froze in my spot, still in the lift. "please...please let me are right, I am not ready for this at all. I should go now before-"

"Before we release you?"
"Before we are satisfied with your participation?"
"Before Mistress Samba permits?"

I backpedaled as the two slowly approached me in the lift. "No! no, nothing like that....I just...I obey Mistress Samba!" My mind went blank as the two beautiful women pressed into the lift again, pushing me gently against the back of the lift.

"Why haven't you even pressed a button yet?"
"Because you need to stay with us."
"Because you obey Mistress Samba."

I protested weakly, my knees seemingly glued to the flooor of the lift. "No, I just don't know which one to -" I lunged for the button. panel, only to have Lia neatly deflect my arm with her naked body, catching my arm as she spun into me, spreading my hand out over her bare breast as my arm wrapped around her, the side of my face mooshed into her soft ass cheek.

"Mmmmm, careful pet - you don't want to push the wrong button, do you?"
"Mmmmm, you're not going to make it out of here." Mia guided my other arm around her as she now spun, smiling as they both noted almost no resistance from me as they swayed gently back and forth, holding my arms up, my hands on their breasts, my face smooshed between their hips.
"Mistress Samba wants us to break you."

I kept sinking deeper into this erotically charged mindspace where surrender was everything. I felt them gripping my wrists very tightly, vaguely aware of my fingertips being gently brushed across their nipples as my upstretched arms offered no resistance to their guidance. I then watched them stroll back out of the lift laughing. I was confused how they could still be holding my wrists so tightly, until I saw the lacy pink ribbons tied tightly around each of my wrists, the two ribbons trailing across the room. "What?!" I exclaimed, watching all the slack being taken up in the thin ribbon as it was pulled into tubes on either side of a massively ornate throne on the far side of the large room, which looked a lot more like a torture chamber than an exam room.

Mia glanced over her shoulder, laughing, "Don't you want to go save wifey from getting the fucking of her life? Look at him - he's not even trying to escape. Let's reel him in Lia. OK bitch, you have one minute to break free from your dainty little bondage strings before we get a whole lot more serious with you. A real man would just pull these off and be done with it.

I felt the ribbons retracting a little faster, pulling me forward into the room, and I could not keep myself in the lift any longer. I stumbled out, hearing the lift doors hiss close immediately behind me. I tugged mightily on the ribbons but could not break them.

"So you decided to stay and play with us?"
"Such a good puppy."
"Take off those frilly pink ribbons boy."
"I think he looks cute."
"I think he deserves a pheromone treat."
"I think he wants to be smothered..." Lia and Mia picked up two wooden poles and dropped them into holes in the floor, neatly gathering the ribbbons into a narrow channel. Lia positioned herself between the poles and me, her perfect ass swaying as she stepped gracefully over the ribbons letting them slide between her smooth thighs.

In less than a minute my wrists were being pulled between Lia's thighs and then in between the poles. Lia bent over, leaving me no choice but to press my face into her soft ass. My wrists continued to be dragged forward, and in another moment my elbows were slipping between the poles. My face was now pressed fully into Lia's ass. I felt rope being wrapped around the poles below my arms, pulling them together rather painfully. I yelped into Lia's ass flesh, the sound bizarrely muffled. Mia continued binding my arms to the poles above and below them, tighter and tighter. She then bound my forearms and my wrists, and then my hands and fingers, laughing at my useless efforts to stop her.

I frantically clawed at the ropes with my fingertips, realizing that I could not possibly untie them. Lia was sitting comfortably now on my upper arms, luxuriosly pressing her ass back against my face for long periods of time, making me wait longer and longer for a chance to draw a breath, training me to inhale through my nose, exhale through the mouth. The ribbbons cut deeper into my wrists until they eventually snapped.

Mia leaned down to my ear, "Such a good boy, learning Lia's scent. You deserve a pheromone treat..."

I felt fingers shoving something the size and texture of a gumdrop into my mouth. I chewed. and swallowed it, only to feel another one forced quickly into my mouth, followed by another and then another. Only then. did I hear Mia chuckle, a wicked laugh that let me know something important had just occurred. The phone rang, and Mia stood up and walked away to answer it. Lia stood up momentarily, just long enough to slip off her thong, and then sat back down on my arms. Now there was nothing between my face and her most perfect essence. I felt my cock stirring, and then felt an intense surge of sexual arousal like nothing I had never felt before in my life. I moaned loudly, feeling my cock rising quickly to an unbelievable state of hardness. I inhaled deeply, wanting only to experience her rich fragrance more fully, more completely. I actually whimpered when Lia slid forward, just out of the reach of my tongue.

Mia spoke into the phone. "Hello...Ronin my pet, how are you? Ready for some playtime with Amy?...Good. Now remember, she is going to be a lively one. Her biometric scan from this morning at the gate is off the charts, my dear. It's apparently been a really long time since she's had a good, soul-stirring orgasm, so take your time. What? Oh, yes, he is here with us. Don't worry about that. He is not going anywhere. In fact, he is busy learning how to worship Lia's ass right now. Something tells me you will both be missing your ferries this evening...Yup, you are welcome honey. Oh, you may see Lana there - just pretend you don't know each other, OK? Ciao."

Mia strolled back to my side and gave Lia a hug. "This is going to be soooo much fun."
Lia nodded as she slid herself back against my face, squirming left and right until her asshole was positioned right against my mouth. "Tongue. Now."

Immediately I began to lick all around her puckered hole, engulfed in her most basic essence. My cock felt like it was going to explode.

"Inside." Lia hissed.

I pushed my tongue into her as far as I could, swirling it around. I felt Mia behind me grab two handfuls of my hair on either side of my head. She then started thrusting my face into Lia's ass until I got the motion of fucking her ass with my tongue. Lia responded to this motion, bearing down on me hard time and time again until I heard her sighs get louder and louder as she had an orgasm. Lia rested her full weight on me, laughing as she sank back against my face, completely sealing off my airways as she basked in the afterglow of her climax. My convulsive movements as I struggled for air eventually led Lia to move forward just slightly, enough to allow me to draw air into my lungs with a loud, humiliating whooshing sound as my nose pressed into her soft ass crack. They both laughed at my predicament.

The lift doors opened and closed again, and I heard the familiar voice, of Mistress Samba.

"Hello girls, are we having fun?" Mkistress Samba purred.

Mia and Lia both leapt up and raced across the room, dropping to their hands and knees, lips pressed to her high heels. "We have missed You, Mistress! So much!!" How may we be of service to You?"

Mistress Samba smiled warmly, raising the twins to their knees, a gentle finger underneath each chin. "It appears you are doing exactly what I would want you to be doing - this boy is in dire need of training, isn't he?"

"He's hopelessly unskilled!" Lia laughed, smiling wickedly at me with a wink.
"He is resisting us constantly." Mia added. "He did however demonstrate a good saturation rate from his first trance session. I do not have enough experience Mistress, but it would seem that a strict program of intensive, invasive mind control programming would be very beneficial to this particular male. Would You agree?"

Mistress smiled broadly. "My dear, there are very few males who would not benefit tremendously from a thorough reprogramming. Why don't you girls whip up one of your special cocktails for him? Make it full strength. I have a feeling about this one."

"Right away, Mistress Samba. Thank You Mistress Samba." they replied in unison.

I wasn't about to kneel there and just let them drug me. I tugged and pulled, rocked the poles desperately back and forth. I had started moving the poles up slightly out of the holes in the floor when I felt my collar lining expand suddenly and forcefully against my neck, sealing off my airway. Mia lifted a foot up onto my arm and leaned gently onto it, easily popping the poles back down into their floor sockets. The blood pounded in my temples as Mia straddled my arms and sat down, facing me. Her pussy was a fraction of an inch from my nose as she spoke gently to me, stroking my hair softly as my face turned red, then purple.

"Sometimes new patients can get a little overwhelmed, and make bad decisions that result in bad behavior. We understand this. We really do. It takes time and careful programming to free a patient from the burden of being able to react to suggestions that his 'old self' would have embraced. And that is exactly what we will be doing for you. But in the future, please do not mistake our understanding nature for lenience or tolerance of inappropriate behavior. You may consider yourself formally warned, and you may thank me now."

I was losing consciousness as I gasped, "Thank You Nurse Mia." At last the pressure collar receded, but before I could take a full breath of air I felt an enema nozzle being inserted in my butt, followed by a quick blast of fluid which filled my rectum immediately. I jumped, my nose pressing momentarily against Mia's damp panties as I inhaled deeply. Mia closed her thighs around my head, making me breathe in her scent as I received another quick enema blast, and another, and another, and another.

"Only six more to go, pet..." Mia cooed. "And in just a few moments you are going to start feeling very relaxed, and very, very open to suggestion. In fact you probably feel a deep sense of trust surfacing within you.  You know it has always been there, waiting for the right Females to draw it out of you. And here you are with us, safe and secure from any harmful influences, and now you feel that trust flowing out of you in all directions, and it is exciting isn't it..." Mia slipped a hand down to her pussy, gently stroking herself through her panties, her fingers brushing against my nose as she continued, "...ohhhh, it really is, because we feel that trust building fast now, so powerful, so very irreversible isn't it. Permanent - an unbreakable bond that you can insist upon with us - demand even. Yes, that's right - you can insist on our domination, and you will receive it, just like we can insist on your obedience and you will gladly give it. Total trust. Mmmmmm...such a good feeling..." Mia slowly drew her fingers up to the top of her panties and slid them down inside, sighing contentedly. "This trust, this bond, is formed now, and must only strengthen. And you already know what this means, long before I tell you. You know the truth...your truth. So crystal clear as you think about it, anticipate its reality and hunger for its impact on your life..." Mia worked her clit more vigorously now, letting my nose nestle gently against her panty clad sex as she continued, " that we have surfaced this trust and formed this beautiful bond, you know clearly what comes next. You know that any relationship without such a strong bond of trust is meaningless now. Harmful...counterproductive...detrimental..." Mia paused for effect, slowly extracting her hand from her panties, drawing her wet fingers near my upper lip, keeping them out of reach, she concluded, "...and strictly forbidden."

Had Mia just announced that my relationship with Amy was forbidden?"

As if reading my mind, Lia chimed in from behind me, "So, you understand that Amy is completely off limits to you, naturally..."

I felt another blast of liquid fillling my rectum. I was starting to really feel full.

Lia stroked my belly and cooed, "Now, you may start to feel the urge to evacuate. As this is a timed irrigation you must retain until we instruct you otherwise. If you ever feel an urgent need to evacuate, you may say, "Thank you, Nurse Mia, thank you Nurse Lia." Lia immediately gave me another long blast of fluid.

Mistress Samba chuckled, "I do enjoy watching you girls play. Bring him to my chambers when he is ready. I have a very special series of inductions for him. Right now, I am going to give Ronin and Lana some final instructions."

"Yes Mistress, Of course Mistress. If it pleases You to learn Mistress, our new patient here surprised us earlier."

Mistress Samba turned back to face them. "Go on."

"Well..." Mia spoke innocently and reverently, "We asked him to write a note to Amy, and he did, but..."

Lia chimed in "...but he didn't follow our directions."
"We told him to tell Amy to steep the tea for no more than one minute."
"He told her five minutes, even though we told him it is an aphrodesiac tea."
"We suggested she put one berry in the tea, to remove her inhibitions."
"He told her to put in at least five."

Mistress Samba looked at me. "Is this true?"

I just nodded, even though I wrote exactly what they told me to write.

Mistress Samba thought for a moment. "Wonderful. Thank you girls. And since our patient is so focused on insuring Amy's sexual arousal, I will instruct Ronin to make that tea double strength for her. Ronin will have a wildcat on his hands. As for your patient, I will leave it up to you how long he is made to retain his enema, but if he releases it at any time within the next hour, each of you girls will be spending three hours on Adam, under the direct supervision of Mistress Katya.

Mia and Lia gasped, and quickly filled me up with the balance of their enema cocktail, replacing the nozzle with a larger buttplug before I had a chance to protest. I started to feel every muscle relax deeply as I slipped into a dazed trance.

Mistress smiled. "Have fun girls, and make sure he knows something about ass worship by the time I see him, please."

To be continued...