Dreamprovider - Glory hole

Dreamprovider - Glory hole

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This file is part of my series Dreamprovider. I will install or reinforce a trigger and this trigger will let you experience the provided dream in every detail.
So you will feel, smell, taste, hear and see anything I describe in a vivid dream the same day when you listen to this file as soon as you go to bed.

In this file, you will have a date with me. It's a blind date and you are waiting for me in a restaurant. While we have a glass of champagne I will use my trancetic power on you and you follow me to the next adult theater where we enter a booth with a glory hole. . There you will learn what it means to become my bitch...

47 minutes of kinky action, including Brainwaves.

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Brad Treau

What a turn on!

Brad Treau

Train cum lover