Surrender Part 5 - Handfree experience

Surrender Part 5 - Handfree experience

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In this trance I will lead you down deep into a nice trance using the induction of Surrender Part one. I will reinforce the effect of the surrender trigger and your arousal will increase with every word I say until you ride the edge to orgasm for a long time. You will moan in anticipation while you are waiting for the final command. You will feel my hands soflty stroking your cock, and my fingers deep inside you massaging your prostate. When you finally hear me saying those words, those words you are waiting for, you will cum for me, and you will think it doesn´t end while I squeeze every single drop out of your prostate and your aching balls.
This file is highly addictive and I use special brainwaves to increase the effect of this experience.
Enjoy this 46 min recording.

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Meeting Evil Aunt Sadie

If you wonder, how it could be to serve two women, Two women who use you for their pleasure, so buy this erotic trance and follow me into my private rooms. I will introduce you to my twin sister and you will learn why she is called: "Evil Aunt Sadie". We dress you in panties, bra, stockings and a white wedding dress before we start to fuck your virgin ass. Sadie will sit on your face while I use a huge strap-on on you, and in the End, when we both reach an orgasm you will experience a handfree orgasm too.
36 minutes of erotic bliss and pleasure, brainwaives and soft background music.



Messy Boy - Love Devotion and Surrender

You want to be a messy boy for your Mistress. A Mistress that knows how to give you just what you need. A Mistress who loves to see you in diapers. She is, who controls your cock and you need to please and worship her in every way, allow her to push your limits, worship the ground she walks, worship her in every way, make her happy and please her, what ever she demands. To fully appreciate your diaper, you need to walk around wearing it every day. To show  your devotion, to show the love towards your Mistress you have to wear it day by day. Feel the lovely diaper moving gently with your body’s movements, and enjoy  the excitement it gives you. I will help you to discover how wonderful it is to show your love, show your devotion and surrender. I know that you want to be submissive when diapered, and you should accept that you want to be a diaper slave, naturally submissive to any person that puts you in a diaper. Every good boy wears diapers, and you want to be a good boy. Before we start, you should put on your favorite diapers.

Duration 44:19, including brainwaves, diaper trance, jerk off instructions, joi, and background music.



Brainwashed sexy Sissy Cocksucker

Welcome to my brainwash files. It is time for you to follow my instructions, to let me inside your deepest self, to brainwash your mind. You are a sissy, and you want to be one forever. You want to wear sissy clothes, to wear sissy dresses and shoes  and the highest heels possible. You want to be a good, sexy sissy and I want you to be positive about your appearance, and your image, to feel remarkably attractive while sucking on a man's cock. So, let me brainwash your mind. Brainwash your mind to feel sexy, beautiful and attractive. To be a sexy sissy cocksucker.

38:28 Minutes including, sissy trance, feminization, brainwaves and soft music.