Curse Blue Balls

Curse Blue Balls

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This file is a curse, that means it will have a permanent effect on you. This curse is very simple and straight forward. Basically it's going to curse you with blue balls.
I guess you know what i mean, I mean blue aching balls at it's best. Every, and if I say every, I mean every single erection will last longer. You will get easily aroused and hard, but then you will stay so. You will stay hard and erect and aroused for a long, long time. And your balls will start to ache and you will ride the edge. This aching will increase and increase until you really need to blow your load.But before you finally get over the edge, and achieve orgasm, you will need more and more time and stimulation. Imagine it, an erection lasting for 30 minutes.. an hour... until your balls literally feel like they're turning blue. And then, and only then do you find yourself getting the release you so desperately, desperately need.
Say premature ejaculation goodbye, and find yourself simply on the other end of the scale where it will be difficult to achieve an orgasm, no matter how many orgasms your partner achieve, you will stay hard and erect and needy. hehe, this is a really wicked curse, and you should think twice before you listen to it.
42 minutes of evil trance, including brainwaves

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      • femdom hypnosis
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Customer Reviews


i just got this file, listen to it a couple times and my balls ache from just listening to it!! the real thing about Her curse files is that i can not wait to listen to it again!!


i got this file about 3 weeks ago and listen to it twice a day, my balls ache all day! and it takes me 22 minutes to cum, more intense and longer time each time i cum. i don't dare to think about three months from now! my Mistress loves this file!


This is beautiful. Listening to it every second day now for about a week it already takes me a good while to cum. It is total bliss for me to stay on the edge. Combining this with virtual chastity seems natural for me.


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