Moonstruck 2

Moonstruck 2

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Girly Bimbo Cocksucker

I will turn you into an air-headed, bimbo slut wanting to suck any cock available.
It will happen every month at full moon. The full moon will be your trigger.
This file will curse you to be a moonstruck air-headed girly bimbo cocksucker.
It will make you a slave to the moon, and the moon will turn you into a sex addicted bimbo slut. Every full moon, you will become sex hungry, totally horny and restless.
Feel the overwhelming urge to suck cocks, being driven by the need of cum,  
wanting to suck cocks, getting filled up with cum.

Duration 43:56, including brainwaves and background music.

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Virtual plug

Virtual Plug

This file installs a virtual plug in your ass. The plug will inflate and deflate rhythmically and it will feel very real. It is vibrating and thrusting, giving you a constant feeling of arousal and a need to relieve yourself. The plug will stay with you for the rest of the day without a chance to cum, but it will not prevent you from going to the toilet. The plug goes away when you go to sleep that night. But you will feel a strong urge to listen again the next day to reinstall the plug.


Itching balls

When you wake up your balls will begin itching and scratching like mad,
and you know the only way to stop it is to add a review to this file.


Meeting Evil Aunt Sadie

If you wonder, how it could be to serve two women, Two women who use you for their pleasure, so buy this erotic trance and follow me into my private rooms. I will introduce you to my twin sister and you will learn why she is called: "Evil Aunt Sadie". We dress you in panties, bra, stockings and a white wedding dress before we start to fuck your virgin ass. Sadie will sit on your face while I use a huge strap-on on you, and in the End, when we both reach an orgasm you will experience a handfree orgasm too.
36 minutes of erotic bliss and pleasure, brainwaives and soft background music.