Midnight Mistress

Midnight Mistress

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Midnight mistress

Whenever you listen to this file, I will visit you that night. Sometimes I will come alone. Sometimes I will come in the company of my friends. But always I will come in a lustful mood.
I will tease you, maybe punish you. But i will always explore your nasty little secrets that you are hiding in your mind. I will make you into my total cumslut. My helpless bound sextoy. You will be at my mercy until I leave in the dawn

Be carful what you wish for!

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          • femdom hypnosis
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Your wildest fantasies com alive with this MP3. You may not even realize what fantasies lurk in your subconscious mind until Midnight Mistress comes to visit you in the middle of the night on a wild kinky night of fun. This MP3 does work for me and I do recommend you give it a listen. Buy the ticket - Take the ride.


This is really phenomenal! I did not know I had these kinky thoughts and ideas in me! It was so very vivid and almost real. Even though you will end up pretty exhausted when the morning rises. You wish that the nights lasted longer once you've listened to this file.


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Using this hypnosis will help to get strong, hard and long lasting erections without purchasing any longer chemicals.

This hypnosis will install a trigger deep into your mind. You can use this trigger by yourself just by saying to yourself "hypnotic viagra". Whenever you use this trigger or whenever you listen to this file, you will immeditately reach a state of total horniness, a state of complete ecstasy.


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When you wake up your balls will begin itching and scratching like mad,
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