Moan and Scream

Moan and Scream

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I want you to moan excessively while you stroke your cock for me, and when you cum to scream from pleasure. Let me hear it!
   now on you will not be able to keep quiet during sexual stimulation, especially when you have an orgasm.

At the first sign to you that you are aroused, you will find that you are unable to keep quiet.
I want you to make some noise for me, moan loud while you stroke your cock and let me hear you!

Moan for me, when ever you stroke your cock. Scream for me when ever you orgasm!

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Perfect Sissy Slave Fit and Active

Perfect Sissy Slave, Fit and Active.

This is an adaption of my Series Train2serve, and in this series I will provide suggestions which will change you into a sissy slave that is worth to be recognized by dominant people.

Become the perfect slave for a dominant partner.

Your desire to serve will increase,
and I will use your desire to serve, to change your bad habbits.
Become the perfect sissy slave,
a sissy slave that easily will be recognized by dominant people.
Make  your fantasies come true, find your perfect match.
Be the perfect match for a dominant partner.

Fit and active.
sexy,  and beautiful.  

Duration 44:19, including brainwaves and background music.



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thing to happen. I am your mistress, and they are fantastic cocksuckers, they know how to suck your dick.

42:48 Minutes, including jerk off instructions, joi, brainwaves and soft music.



Porn Star Penis 2

Imagine having a real big cock, long and thick, and with big, heavy balls. Imagine yourself having a real porn star penis. A big, long, hard and throbbing cock. Long lasting orgasms along with big, warm cum blasts. A real porn star penis. Does this sound good to you? Yes, I am sure it does. Imagine your hard, long lasting, porn star penis orgasms. Realize these changes in your bodyly functions and feel the power that I have over you. Feel your body flooded with hormones, making your cock even bigger while I am watching you stroking it. Enjoy yourself and let me watch your beautiful cock. 

Duration 33:36, including brainwaves, jerk off instruction, joi, penis enlargement, penis growth and background music.