Absolute Gay Sissy

Absolute Gay Sissy

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This file is curse, and it will stay for you for the rest of your life. You will be cursed to change into a gay sissy and you will need to find a dominant master. You will become addicted to worship men in any way they want. You will love to suck cock, and you will become addicted to feel them sliding up their cocks into your sissy pussy. And every time you listen to this file the suggestions become stronger. There will be no way out. When you start this journey you will soon find a man, somone who control, dominate and feminize you completely. The changes will be locked in deeply. Soon you will start to wear panties, pantyhose or stockings and suspenders. You will turn into a real cumslut, a sex addicted gay cumslut.
This erotic trance is 35 minutes long, with brainwaves and soft background music

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Over the past three weeks I have been diligently listening to this file along with part 2 at night before going to sleep. At first I was rather sceptical as I was struggling to enter a deep trance, however, I persisted. I am so glad I did as now my body starts to tingle and I start feeling very aroused whenever I look at women’s clothes or think about men and hard throbbing cock. I want to remove all manly hair and have already spent too much money buying lingerie, pantyhose, women’s shoes and clothes. I love what these file are doing to me.


Evil - The Kiss Of The Whip

In this file, I will lead you deep down into a nice relaxing trance. And when you step into my dungeon, you will be helpless and at my mercy. I will gag you with a long silken scarf, taking care that you don´t make any noise. Then I will get the ropes, and you can picture me wrapping them around your body, binding your wrists and ankles into position, tying down your knees and elbows, wrapping them around your waist and chest. And then the fun begins, for me of cause, lol.
You will feel every blow of the whip, and you will ask for more. Sweet pain and torture awaits you in this 50 minutes recording, and it may happen that you orgasm in the end.


A Weekend At The Spa-Bundle

Ok, this is the complete weekend fun series " A Weekend at the Spa"

including all 3 Parts.

Start listening on a Friday night and enjoy some tease and denial until Sunday eve when you will listen to the 3 rd and final part. 

I provide you with a very, very special suggestions which will keep your mind, and your arousal occupied during 3 Days. You will experience this dream in every detail. You will experience a vivid dream, which will seem so realistic. so vivid in every detail, that you will believe it happens to you in real.
All your senses will realize the things that happen in this dream. Your skin will feel every touch. 
your subconscious mind will make you feel, smell, taste, hear, and see, any single detail which comes with the provided dream.
The Duration of this 3 Files are 153 min. They include soft background Music, sound Effects and Brainwaves.


Moonstruck 3 Switch

This file will curse you to be moonstruck, a moonstruck sexy female. It will be your secret.
It will happen every month at full moon. The full moon will be your trigger.

You will become a slave to the moon, and the moon will turn you into a sexy, beautiful and attractive woman.

Duration 44:08, including feminization, brainwaves and background music.