Always plugged

Always plugged

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This file is a curse, a curse that will make you want to wear a butplug all the time. You will feel incomplete without it, and your desire to fill your ass will grow and grow, untill you finally wear it all the time. When you reach this state, you will start to lust for bigger ones, yes bigger and more kinky ones, and you will start to surf the adultshops to find new plugs. And when you see the pictures, you will know exactly how it will feel to wear them, to ride them. And you need to have them, because your hungry ass needs to get feeded.

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          • femdom hypnosis
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Customer Reviews

Jenny D

I HIGHLY recommend this file to everyone! I have been plugged now for four days as an addition to my Chastity Training and am already on a new and larger plug. The file has greatly enhanced the tease and denial factor that I crave and that Mistress Samba is so great at creating.

Jenny D

Wow! Totally amazing. Immediately after listening to this I stuffed my ass with a plug and I went to the supermarket to buy food... the first time I ever left the house with a plug inside. What an amazing secret to have walking around! Felt so liberating to be experiencing pleasure while just walking around. I felt like the REAL me... like I could do ANYTHING! Mistress Samba instilled in me the mad desire to do it as well as making it perfectly normal. I'm even afraid to listen to it again because I know I won't be able to stop myself.


Virtual Chastity

This file will install a stainless steel chastity belt to the listener. The listener can choose the keyholder. This device will keep you horny all day and will prevent you from masturbating.


The chastity Files - chastised Cocksucker

The chastity Files.
Chastised Cocksucker

The chastity files is the serie designed for owners of a real chastity belt.
This device, which makes you constantly needy of sexual attention while wearing it,
to feel the effect of being unable to raise the mast.

This file is designed for you.

Before you start listening, you should put on your chastity device.

Today, you will discover an overwhelming urge to suck cocks, being driven by the need of cum, 
wanting to suck cocks, getting filled up with cum.

Chastised and drenched in cum and not able to raise the mast.

Welcome, my chastised cocksucker.

Duration 48:34, including brainwaves and background music.



Moan and Scream

I want you to moan excessively while you stroke your cock for me, and when you cum to scream from pleasure. Let me hear it!
From now on you will not be able to keep quiet during sexual stimulation, especially when you have an orgasm. At the first sign to you that you are aroused, you will find that you are unable to keep quiet. I want you to make some noise for me, moan loud while you stroke your cock and let me hear you! Moan for me, when ever you stroke your cock. Scream for me when ever you orgasm!
Duration 36:12, including brainwaves, joi, jerk off instructions and background music.