Submissive Sissy Girl

Submissive Sissy Girl

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You have to accept that sex is for your lover's pleasure, and that only by giving pleasure you will receive great pleasure. Your sole focus will be on the pleasure of your lover, and you will want nothing more than to give pleasure. 
You must obey without complaint or delay.

Every thought, every action, every need, every word, all your desires become more and more feminine.

I want you to accept that you will find it impossible to become hard when you are having sex. Imagine as your arousal and horniness grows, but at the same time, imagine your cock becoming more and more soft, the more your arousal grows.

Imagine yourself becoming aroused and horny up to the very brink of orgasm, but your penis fully flaccid.

The more horny you become, the more soft your cock becomes.

I want you to be a good, submissive sissy girl.

Duration 38:04, including brainwaves, sissy trance, feminization, and background music.

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The chastity Files - feminized Slave

You are getting closer and closer to achieve your goal, and your goal is to become my chastised, feminized slave who needs to be used over and over again, unable to raise the mast and prepared to please whom you want to please. You are a chastised, feminized slave, and as a good slave you need to get fucked and played with. A good chastised slave is unable to put the device off. And when you attempt to remove it, you discover that it is very hard  to do so. The chastity device feels as if it is a natural part of you, and the more you try to remove it, the more guilty you feel. I want you to recognize that the way to happiness and peace is to be in chastity, to dress like a good girl, and to know that you want to feel and behave like a good girl.

 Duration 41:00, including brainwaves, chastity, feminization and background music.



Crossdressed horny bimbo slut 2

You love to wear women`s clothes, you love to behave like a girl and you love to be a horny bimbo slut. You love dressing yourself in a way  that people know immediately that  anything you want is sex. And to really be the horny bimbo slut you allways wanted to be, to look, act, and behave  like one, your cock has to stay limp and loose all times. So, as a good slut you need to be cursed to stay soft. Cursed to stay limp and loose during sex. You'll have to start finding new ways to orgasm, to feel your arousal shifting from your cock to your ass. To feel the emptiness, and the desire to get filled. I want you to feel the growing desire to get fucked all the time, and staying limp and loose makes you so pretty. I want you to be my slut, unable to get hard. Listen and discover how wonderful it is, to behave like a horny bimbo slut.

The Duration of this File is 37:44 min. It includes soft background Music, bimbo, anal, curse, sound Effects and Brainwaves.