Mistress at home

Mistress at home

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Wake the sleeping Mistress.

This is a very special file, it is a gift, it is a file,

that is designed to be used by your wife, your girlfriend,

your soulmate and your love. And it is a perfect way, to

tell her that you want to be owned by her. This file will

decrease inhibititions but it will not push her over the

limits. It will help her to get comfortable with the

situation to be a domme, your domme, your mistress, your

goddess. So, if you want to install a D/s relationship

with your parter, your wife or your girlfriend this file

will help. Content: increasing sexdrive, increasing

horniness by treating you as the slave you want to be,

overcomming inhibitions, and encouraging her to explore

the world of BDSM with you. This file will make her wet,

horny and maybe somewhat evil ;-)

With this file you declare that you want to be owned by

your soon to be mistress. Owned and at her mercy!

So, be careful what you wish for.

Have fun and enjoy your life day by day.

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          • femdom hypnosis
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Customer Reviews

Mike T

Fabulous product, good quality script and audio. The intelligent language makes it ideal for use in a loving relationship. If you want your wife or girlfriend to just be a little bit more assertive and demonstrative then this will surely help. Make your special lady feel more sexy and adored.

Mike T

Hello Samba, four weeks ago I received this file from my husband. He put it on a mp3 player and gave it to me. We are married since 14 years now, and I was a little bit appalled by the idea of this concept. But I love my husband and so i decided to give it a try :-)
On a sunday afternoon i asked hubby for the mp3 player, and told him that I want to be undisturbed for the next hour. I was a little bit amused about his shaky hands as he gave me the player, turned around and headed to my room.
After listening to your file, I was a lil bit dizzy for some minutes but as it faded away I felt really good and strong. I stepped out of my room and saw hubby walking up and down the livingroom.
I can tell he was nervous to the bone. As he realized me standing in the door, his eyes widens in anticipation. This was the most wonder full moment since years for me and I got so turned on. Since this moment my life changed completely. Our boring marriage turned into a spicy hot relationship, and hubby changed into a caring, attentive admirer. I feel more sexy every day and love all the little gifts I receive.

Thank you Samba, thank you for this wonderful file.


Sissy series Part two---Shape your inner girl

in this file we will start to shape your inner girl.
We will change your body, to that perfect sexy shape that you ever can imagine.


Itching balls

When you wake up your balls will begin itching and scratching like mad,
and you know the only way to stop it is to add a review to this file.


Curse Ruined Orgasms

This is a curse, and it will change you permanently.

When you listen to this file you will change your mindset. Whenever you masturbate you will simply ruin your orgasm.

Thats it!!!

A horny lil wanker like you do not deserve to cum like a real man.

Ruined orgasms will make you feel so frustrated, and they will light and increase, a burning desire to cum, to feel a real orgasm.

This will make you very submissive and obedient.

You will find that your sexual drive and your desire for orgasms, will stay on a high level.
In fact it is going to be increased.
But wether it is increased or stays the same, makes no difference.
You will simply lose the ability to bring yourself to a full orgasm.
You can try if you like.
But as you try and get closer and closer to orgasm, you will find that your body just betrays you.

Your subconscious mind so deeply controlled now, will just take over.
It will make you ruin any orgasm when you masturbate.
It will know deep inside that you need to ruin it.
It will know you want to feel the frustration, the need, the burning desire.
from now on, and forever...

32 minutes of femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Samba

including brainwaves and soft background music.