Shameless Bimbo

Shameless Bimbo

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I want you to feel  extremely comfortable with your feminine sexuality, and to be comfortable expressing your feminine sexual desires to the men that you are sexually attracted to. 

You want to be a good girl, to be very happy, sexy and attractive all of the time. And being mindless brings immediate happiness.
True happiness occurs when you are separated from your little mind.

Listen to me and find out how good it feels to be a shameless bimbo!

Duration 42:32, including brainwaves, sissy trance, feminization, bimbo, curse and background music.

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Wolkaholic by day and a slut by night

Listening to this file will change your focus on work, on everything that you need to get done to reach your aims, your goals in life. But by night...



Perfect Sissy - The Rules

You want to be positive about your appearance and your image. You love to look like a beautiful girl, to be remarkably attractive, to be a a hot, glamorous, very horny and perfect sissy. Being the best you can on the outside is part of feeling beautiful. You will agree to the following rules, and you will follow them faithfully. Listen to me, accept my instructions, and let me transform you into a perfect sissy. A perfect sissy is always looking to improve herself.

37:36 Minutes including, sissy trance, feminization, brainwaves and soft music.



Sissy Pussy Orgasm

I want your your sissy cock to be less sensitive, and your sissy pussy  to get more and more sensitive. Imagine how good it would feel if a cock slides into you, and as it does, your sissy pussy becomes just as sensitive as your sissy cock. Imagine being fucked, imagine a but plug, a finger in your ass. Just the feeling of having a something inside of you would take you to the edge of orgasm so quickly, as it would be like having your entire sissy cock stroked constantly. Imagine how good that would feel, how wonderful that would feel, because that is exactly what I want you to feel any time something enters your male pussy. I want those feelings to be as intense as if you were stroking your own sissy cock.  
I want your anus to have a connection, a subconscious connection directly to your sissy cock, and anything that enters your pussy, even if it is as small as a finger, will send shudders through your entire body, and will send sensations straight to your sissy cock. It will bring you straight to the edge of orgasm. A sissy pussy orgasm!

Duration 36:46, including brainwaves, anal, sissy trance, and background music.