Sexy Summer Time

Sexy Summer Time

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It's summertime, and you want to look and feel even more sexy and attractive. This will happen every  year during summer and the  sun will be your trigger.

This file will curse you to be addicted to the sun. The sun will turn you into a sexy, beautiful woman.

From now on, every summer, you will feel so feminine and you need to look, and feel your very best when the temperatures are rising.

The better you look, the hornier it will make you feel, and you enjoy looking sexy and atractive. You love to be a sun loving, sexy female. Sexy summertime.

This file will is dedicated to all men who love to feel like a woman, to crossdress, to wear women`s clothes, and for you my beloved sissy.

 39:37 Minutes including, feminization, brainwaves and soft music.

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Midnight Mistress

Midnight mistress

Whenever you listen to this file, I will visit you that night. Sometimes I will come alone. Sometimes I will come in the company of my friends. But always I will come in a lustful mood.
I will tease you, maybe punish you. But i will always explore your nasty little secrets that you are hiding in your mind. I will make you into my total cumslut. My helpless bound sextoy. You will be at my mercy until I leave in the dawn

Be carful what you wish for!


Feminization - Cock-slut-queen

This file is part of the feminization series, it will cause a permanent change. This file will provide suggestions which will turn you into the cock hungry slut you want to be. Your desire to suck cock will increase and increase, and you will become the best cocksucker a man can imagine. You will need to suck cock and you will need to feel cocks in your ass too. You are the Cocksuck Queen. The one and only. After a while you will start to ride the edge to orgasm simply by sucking cock, and when you make him cum in your mouth you will experience a full body orgasm.


Trained to serve 6 - Loving to do the houswork

Trained to serve is a series for males in search for a domme or for slaves who are owned already. This is part six in this series, and I will provide suggestions, that will make you love doing the chores. Listening to this recording will make you fall into a light trance whenever you start doing the housework. You will do one task after the other and whenever you have finished one task you will receive a reward. You will feel a hand fondling you cock and balls and this is all you will remember when you have done the chores. Yes, your subconscious will take over control and you will do the tasks without any notice. Anything you will remember will be the rewards you got. You will love doing it, and when you are done, you will look forward to next time you can do it. Your home, or the home of your mistress will be spotless and you love it.
38 minutes of bliss and pleasure including brainwaives