The chastity Files - Boy Toy

The chastity Files - Boy Toy

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The chastity Files.
Boy Toy.
The chastity files is a series designed for owners of a real chastity belt.
This device, which makes you constantly  needy of sexual attention while wearing it,
to feel the effect of being unable to raise the mast.
This file is designed for you.
Before you start listening, you should put on your chastity device
You are aware of how much you desire to wear your chastity device.
You know you need a keyholder, a keyholder who controls your sexuality,
who controls your increased intensity of sexual arousal and release.
To be a boy toy for your keyholder.
A pleasure toy.
The excitement of being locked in a chastity device, at the mercy of your keyholder, makes you 
crave to wear this device.
Duration 45:48, including brainwaves and background music.

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Customer Reviews

Brad Treau

Quite possibly, depending on your taste, one of the best femdom files on the internet. This file made me as horney as hell, my balls literally turning blue, my cock filling up its cage, simultaneously feeling a sense of deep pleasure and pain. Despite these intense feelings, I'm addicted to this file and iits trancetic suggestions, feeling an overwhelming urge to always wear my chastity cage & serve my mistress.
I have wimped out at times, not being able to withstand the intense pain of my cock filling up the cage and having to stop the file & take off the cage, but the milking I receive from listening makes it easier to put the cage back on & listen again.
Thanks Mistress Samba, I love your dominating control of my sexuality.

Brad Treau

Horny for the rest of the day

When you listen to this file, you will wake up extremly horny. You will run around the world with a raging hardon and your balls will ache for relief. You will feel a growing desire to orgasm as soon as possible. And when you start to masturbate or when you start to make love to your partner you will reach the edge of orgasm within seconds. You will ride the edge in complete ecxtasy but you can do whatever you want, you will stay there. Yes, you will stay on the edge of orgasm and it doesn´t matter how hard you try to cum. From the moment you awaken from this trance until you go to bed for a full night sleep you will become horny like hell without any chance for relief.
And I go a little further, LOL, when you wake up the next morning, you will wake up with a compelling urge to listen to this file again. You will do it simply without thinking, and when you do it, you
wake up again from this trance, and your horniness will increase the whole day.
Sounds like fun? LOL Try it and you will know...... (Evil smile)


Surrender Part 7 - Train Stud Stallion

This file is a logic folow up of trancetic Viagra, Constant Cum Production and the Pheromone Booster. We will change something in your mind. You will be be able to control your arousal and you will be able to control your orgasms. This file will make you to a real breeding stallion, and you will be able to orgasm and stay hard and horny as long as you want.
After a while you will cum as often as wou want, ready to perform again right after cumming. You will be able to satisfy more and more girls without any lack in your performance. I will train you to become a real stud stallion, an approved breeding stallion. And you will love it, because you will have complete control over your arousal your sensitivity and your orgasms. You decide how long it last until you float your partner in with cum, or how hard an how long you cum.

37 minutes of hot suggestions, brainwaves, sublimals and background music.



Perfect Sissy - The Rules

You want to be positive about your appearance and your image. You love to look like a beautiful girl, to be remarkably attractive, to be a a hot, glamorous, very horny and perfect sissy. Being the best you can on the outside is part of feeling beautiful. You will agree to the following rules, and you will follow them faithfully. Listen to me, accept my instructions, and let me transform you into a perfect sissy. A perfect sissy is always looking to improve herself.

37:36 Minutes including, sissy trance, feminization, brainwaves and soft music.