Diaper trance Curse

Diaper trance Curse

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From now on, whenever you get ready for bed, you will find yourself forced to put on a diaper. Good boys know, that the only acceptable place for what comes out of their penis is a diaper, so every good boy wears diapers. Every good boy wears diapers, and you want to be a good boy. You will be completely unable to masturbate whenever you are wearing a diaper, and not allowed to become hard.
It will be impossible  for you to get erect while wearing a diaper. But you are still allowed to have wet dreams. and cum into your diapers. Every good boy has wet dreams. Every good boy wears diapers. You will also discover that you are emptying your bladder, even when you feel the slightest bit of fullness, whenever you are diapered. 
This is a curse. 

41:37 Minutes including diaper trance, brainwaves and soft music.

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Diaper trance

Listening to this addictive file will make your transition from being someone who enjoys wetting yourself at times you choose, to being unable to choose when, and how much you wet yourself. The more you listen to it, the deeper it will go, and the more you will enjoy peeing yourself without any control at all. The changes it will cause will be permanent, so be sure you want to be always in diapers, from now on and before you listen. You will need  to wear diapers while listening to it !

Duration 41:35, a diaper trance mp3, brainwaves and background music.



Diaper Orgasm

You admit that you want to be controlled when diapered. You accept that you want to be incontinent when diapered, and you should accept that you want to be submissive when diapered. Imagine an orgasm, that becomes more and more intense, with every second it lasts. Imagine an orgasm where you start emtying your bladder insteat of just cumming, and finally be able to repeat, to repeat a diaper orgasm. Warning: You should wear diapers while listening to this file. Enjoy your diaper orgasms.

39:50 Minutes including, diaper trance, brainwaves and soft music.