Exchange your sexual partner

Exchange your sexual partner

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Did you ever fantasy about having sex with Marilyn Monroe, Brat Pitt, Angelina Jolie or maybe simply your neighbour? Do you wonder how it would be to have sex with sombody else as your normal Partner? If you say yes, this file will be the perfect match for you. Listening to this recording will install a trigger into your mind. You can use this trigger whenever you have sex with your normal partner, simply by saying or just thinking to yourself: "Change my partner now" and choose the one you fantasy about. Whenever you trigger yourself, your normal partner will transform into the one you would like to have sex with. You will see the face, the body, the hair of this new person, this person will smell, act, feel like you imagine they would. The more you listen to this file, the more your ability to imagine other people will grow. Until you finally are able to choose one for this night and another for the next. It will be impossible to call your real partner by a wrong name, so you are always safe to trigger yourself. So you can experience sex with others without any risk for your relationship. And as long as you don´t tell your partner what you are doing, they will never know. You can`t do it outside of sex, but you can do it in the early stage of it, even if you just start kissing, or at any time in the act.
When you are done, your partner will transform back to normal.

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Unbelievable! I had sex with my next door neighbour and after she transformed back into my girlfriend! Can't wait until tonight I might choose my mates wife lol thankyou!


Curse - Addicted to womens feet

This femdom erotic trance will programm you permanently. Do not listen to this file if you don´t want to change to a become permanent addicted to womens feet.
In this file you will be programmed permanently. There will be no way out for the rest of your life. Yes, you will be cursed to live as a foot watcher,
You will experience a growing fetish to womens feet. And this will go so far, that you will need to tell the truth if a woman ask you why you stare at her feet.
And while you tell her the truth, you will get a real throbbing erection, and you will be unable to hide it. And they will realize it, and you will suffer in this humilation. You will do anything to touch her feet, anything, it doesn´t matter how humilating it will be, you will do it, if you get a chance to worship her feet.
Be careful what you whish for.