Exchange your sexual partner

Exchange your sexual partner

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Did you ever fantasy about having sex with Marilyn Monroe, Brat Pitt, Angelina Jolie or maybe simply your neighbour? Do you wonder how it would be to have sex with sombody else as your normal Partner? If you say yes, this file will be the perfect match for you. Listening to this recording will install a trigger into your mind. You can use this trigger whenever you have sex with your normal partner, simply by saying or just thinking to yourself: "Change my partner now" and choose the one you fantasy about. Whenever you trigger yourself, your normal partner will transform into the one you would like to have sex with. You will see the face, the body, the hair of this new person, this person will smell, act, feel like you imagine they would. The more you listen to this file, the more your ability to imagine other people will grow. Until you finally are able to choose one for this night and another for the next. It will be impossible to call your real partner by a wrong name, so you are always safe to trigger yourself. So you can experience sex with others without any risk for your relationship. And as long as you don´t tell your partner what you are doing, they will never know. You can`t do it outside of sex, but you can do it in the early stage of it, even if you just start kissing, or at any time in the act.
When you are done, your partner will transform back to normal.

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Unbelievable! I had sex with my next door neighbour and after she transformed back into my girlfriend! Can't wait until tonight I might choose my mates wife lol thankyou!


Sissy Slut

This file is for all my lil sissies in training. This file will change you into a lil sissy slut and you will stroke your lil clitty, and you will finger your sissy pussy for your mistress.
And finally you will cum for me like a good lil sissy slut. You will learn to love your sissy nature, and you will learn to love your sissy body. When we explore the parts of your body that you particularly like, that liking will grow even stronger. And when we explore parts of your body that in the past have bothered you, you'll find you can let go of those old feelings, and enjoy this new perspective. You'll be able to appreciate and accept parts of your body in new ways, and feel new levels of pleasure when you do.
45 min. of soft sensual erotic hypnosis, with some guided masturbation and fingering, brainwaves and background music


Curse _ Creampie Addiction

Warning -  This file will cause a permanent change which can not be removed. Don´t listen to this file if you just want to try it.

This file is a curse, and it will permanently change your mind map. You will be cursed to live with an addiction to creampies, an addiction to fresh cumfilled pussy. Your desire to eat creampies will grow permanently and you will do anything legal to get a cumfilled pussy to lick. You will humilate yourself to get what you want, and you will tell around that you need it. And you desire for creampies will grow with the number of orgasms you provide by cleaning pussy with your tongue, you will need it, you will crave it, it will be always on your mind, and it will become stronger and stronger.

If you buy this file you declare, that you accept this change, that you want this change and that it is your own decision to make this permanent change happen.

52 Minutes of real femdom erotic hypnosis mp3 including soft background music and brainwaves


Cumcountdown 5 - Cum2gether

Again I will present you to Sister Dolores. You know Dolores is a dirty bitch and she will kick you over the edge to an earthshattering Orgasm. 
To achieve a hot orgasm, you will have to wait for her, to cum together with her.You will love to follow her, to synchronize with her. You will be alone together, to discover eachother, discover new sensations, experience new emotions.
She will make you cum. This File is part of the series called "Cumcountdown".
Enjoy her. I will lead you into a deep trance and Dolores will do the rest.
If you are a good boy and obey, this file will be mind blowing.
This file is 56 min long and comes with brainwaves, sound effects and soft background music.