Cum Face

Cum Face

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I am  going to use your body, to gain complete control. The deeper you allow your mind to fall, the longer your pleasure will last. While I have you under my control, you will be unable to cum until I order you to do so. Your orgasm is under my control. Your pleasure is tied to my words, feel the power that I have over you, sense my control  growing with every word that I say. I want you to be ready for a big cum load. A big load to enable you to cover your body and face with cum. Your own cum.

43:24 Minutes including, jerk off instructions, joi, brainwaves and soft music.

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Moonstruck air headed bimbo slut

For females, sissys, and guys that love fo get feminized
Ok sweetheart, this is a curse file. you will be cursed to change into a kinky air headed bimbo slut every month at full moon. Three days before full moon the change begins, and after the full moon night the change will fade away. You will start feeling pretty, You will feel very, very sexy. You will quickly sit down in front of your make-up table, and begin giving your face a good going-over. You will feel so slutty and so naughty when the moon starts to become full, and you need to look your very best. You feel so naughty when you see the moon getting bigger, and you need to look naughty , naughty and even cheap. You enjoy looking cheap and slutty every month at full moon. And you will need to wear slutty chlothes too, the sluttier the better, and you need sex. Yes, as much as you can get.
You will be moonstruck, and you will feel this deep desire every month a full moon.


Abused Crossdresser

Abused Crossdresser

This file will is dedicated to all men who love to Crossdress, to wear women`s clothes.
Before you start listening, I want you to make yourself look beautiful and perfect.
Make yourself comfortable in your favorite clothes.

You are going to be abused by me.
You are going to be fucked by my dildo, you will stroke your cock and you will cum for me.

Cum for me like a bitch.

The Duration of this File is 45:15 min. It includes soft background Music, sound Effects and Brainwaves.


Sissy Slut Orgasm anal Pleasure

Sissy Slut Orgasm
Anal Pleasure
This file  is dedicated to you.
I know already that,
you love to be a woman, to look like a beautiful girl, and to feel the pleasure of being obedient.
The pleasure of being treated like a bitch.
The pleasure of being used and abused and remarkably attractive in a female body.
Under my hypnotic trance, I will change your body into that of a beautiful woman,  
and I will fuck  your arse while you stroke your sissy cock, and let you cum.
You  will experience anal, prostate orgasms upon my command.
You will feel waves of pleasure ripple through your body  
and release gobs, and gobs of cum for your Mistress.
So, are you ready to be used ?
To be sexy, and beautiful ? 
To have a sissy slut orgasm ? 
Duration 53:59, including brainwaves and background music.