Train male slave

Train male slave

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This is a training file for males, Listening to this file will make you to a totally devoted slave to your mistress. A trigger will be installed, so that your mistress can change you into a total devoted obedient slave by using the phrase "slavetime for you". You will stay in this state until she says ²revert to normal²

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          • femdom hypnosis
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Customer Reviews


This is a wonderful and very important file to listen to because it will help to prepare yourself properly for your Mistress. It helps put your mind and body in the right place to ensure that you will be a successful slave. I highly recommend that you give this file a listen. You will be glad that you did.


i bought this file july 2010, and part of this file She has you shaving all your pubic hair off and keeping shaved, i been clean shaven since last july 2010!

mark jensen

another update, i listen to this file july 2010, its march 2014, still cleaned shaved!

mark jensen

Midnight Mistress

Midnight mistress

Whenever you listen to this file, I will visit you that night. Sometimes I will come alone. Sometimes I will come in the company of my friends. But always I will come in a lustful mood.
I will tease you, maybe punish you. But i will always explore your nasty little secrets that you are hiding in your mind. I will make you into my total cumslut. My helpless bound sextoy. You will be at my mercy until I leave in the dawn

Be carful what you wish for!


Itching balls

When you wake up your balls will begin itching and scratching like mad,
and you know the only way to stop it is to add a review to this file.


Surrender Part 2 - Deep submission

This file is a follow up from "Surrender Release one"
As a followup it will deepen the suggestions from the first file and you will become more and more suggestible. This file will provide some suggestions which will increase your ability to imagine the things I say. Your imagination will grow and it will be connected to your senses. In other words, the more your imagination grows,
the more your senses will start to respond to my words, as if it is real. Your imagination and your senses will be locked together. This file becomes addictive, and you will want to listen to it again and again, as it just makes you feel happy. You will become more and more aroused and the more aroused you are the more submissive you will become.