Sweet Golden Nectar

Sweet Golden Nectar

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in this file you will be programmed permanently.
You will experience a growing fetish. 
You will be cursed,
cursed and addicted to sweet, golden body nectar,
cursed and addicted to golden showers.
Only listen to this file, if you want to experience this,
there will be no way out.
You can't stop it.
You can't change it.
If you  chose to listen, you will have to live with it. 
So take your chance and only listen if this is what you desire.
The Duration of this File is 42:55 min. It includes soft background Music, sound Effects and Brainwaves.

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Breast Growth Masturbation

This file will change your body. Whenever you masturbate your body will start to release hormones which are needed to make your breasts grow.


Curse - Constant aching need for sex

Warning: this is a curse file and it will cause a permanent change. This file will change you into a SEXAHOLIC. Listening to this file will make you addicted to sex,
And in this file you will be programmed permanently. Yes, you will be cursed to live as a sexaholic. You will experience a growing need for sex. And this will go so far, that any inhibitions will vanish. Yes, you will not care about anything, you will enjoy any sexual activities as long as they are legal.
You will realize, that anything you see will cause vivid pictures of sex in your mind. When you sleep you will dream about sex. Anything you do will get an erotic component. For example: If you see some whipped cream, pictures of peaople around you covered in that cream will appear, and you will imagine yourself licking them. You will stay aroused and horny until you finally get some release by an orgasm. But you will be horny again in no time.


Curse - Addictedt to BBW

Ok honey, this is a curse and it will rewind your mind.
Maybe your wife or girlfriend has become fat, or you simply prefer to enjoy  Big Beautiful Women.
You enjoy the beautiful things they have to offer.
In this File I will help you to make it happen, I help you to discover how wonderful Big Beautiful Women are.
You will find that all big, chubby or really fat women make you horny after this.
You are going to intentionally seek out large women, and become friends with them. 
Becoming romantically involved with them.
Doing everything in your power to please them. 
Touching fat and flab will top every pleasant sensation you have ever felt before.
From now on, You  will feel sexual excitement when you hear words like, fat, flabby, obese, chubby, chunky, plump, and tubby.
Phrases like big belly, fat ass, and thunder thighs will turn you on.
The Duration of this File is 43:00 min. It includes soft background Music, sound Effects and Brainwaves.