Sissy Cocksucker Part 2

Sissy Cocksucker Part 2

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In this file I will provide suggestions to strengthen the suggestions from the 1 part Sissy Cocksucker 4 ever. I will lead you down into a nive deep trance and I will bring imagery to you sucking big throbbing cocks, your arousal will grow and you will start to masturbate on my command. And while your arousal increase your subconscious mind will absorb my kinky suggestions like a dry sponge. And when you finally cum on my command, you will become more and more of a cockhungry sissyslut, a real cumhungry lil bitch.
36 minutes, brainwaves and background music

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        • femdom hypnosis
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Bimbo Girly-Girl

This file is a curse, and the change will be permanent and irreversible. This file will change you into a cockhungry gangbangslut, an airheaded bimbo girly-girl with a growing hunger for powerful men. Your cock will become useless, useless limp and soft, because a good girl doesn´t need a boner, you will need cocks, big throbbing dicks to satisfy your sexual needs. When you start listening to this file you will change into a bimbo gangbang slut whenever you become horny. Your mind gets blank and this makes it so easy to change into the slut that lives within you.
You will become a bimbo down to the bone, and you may try to hide her,
to keep her buried deep down, but whatever you do she is going to creep out whenever you become sexual aroused.

This femdom erotic trance mp3 is 43 minutes long and it comes with soft background music and binaureals for a deeper trance experience



Gay Male Slave Trigger

You want to be completely helpless, completely weak and obedient to another man. You want to be a little male slave. Imagine a man who is so far superior to you that you are like nothing to him. The idea of being  his slave is exciting to you, arousing you, and you enjoy anything that he chooses to do to you. He is so strong and dominant, so powerful and masculine, he is everything you are not able to be. What he says is law for you. You will do anything to please him, to impress him, to do or say, or be anything he wants. You want to obey him, serve him, and please him completely. You are his slave. You are his gay male slave. From now on, whenever you hear the trigger, even if you say it to yourself, you will immediately know that you are a gay male slave.
Duration 46:38, including brainwaves, gay trance, trigger and background music.



Dominant Nasty Shemale Bitch

Can you imagine to be a dominant shemale?

From now on you are going to be as ladylike as you can possibly be. A dominant, ladylike, sexy, and attractive woman. You're a confident and friendly  woman, and at the same time a nasty bitch. This is how women are, this is what you become. A dominant, nasty and kinky bitch. A nasty bitch, an attractive woman, to be respected, and obeyed, to be served and worshipped. I want you to develop this side of yourself. To develop an assertive Personality, to be noticed and admired. To be a dominant, nasty and kinky bitch, 

44:47 Minutes including, sissy trance, feminization, brainwaves and soft music.