Sissy Cocksucker Part 2

Sissy Cocksucker Part 2

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In this file I will provide suggestions to strengthen the suggestions from the 1 part Sissy Cocksucker 4 ever. I will lead you down into a nive deep trance and I will bring imagery to you sucking big throbbing cocks, your arousal will grow and you will start to masturbate on my command. And while your arousal increase your subconscious mind will absorb my kinky suggestions like a dry sponge. And when you finally cum on my command, you will become more and more of a cockhungry sissyslut, a real cumhungry lil bitch.
36 minutes, brainwaves and background music

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        • femdom hypnosis
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Part 3 - Addicted to mommies breasts

This is the third file in the "Good boy for mommy" series. Mom boy hypnosis fantasy with femdom erotic content. Before I let you cum, I will lead you into a deep trance, and then we will refresh your memories of being nursed by your mom.


Sambas feminization Camp 2 - Physical Examination

You are at my feminization camp, it is your second day and you are already feminized. You are already shaved, you received your transformation massage yesterday, and today we are going to make you even sexier than you already are. We need to make sure that you are a sexy, little slut. an obedient good girl, a sexy girl. My doctors are here to examin you, and to proceed with your feminization. If they are to be your doctor, then you must do whatever they ask of you. Every doctor, is duty bound to provide the best possible care for his patients. We must do whatever our special patient needs to become feminized. We have come to a part of your exam and treatment, that will be very different for you than it has been so far, even lustful for all of us. I know you are  anal obsessed, but there are still tests and procedures that we must go through. It is our nature to control, just as it is yours to obey. I think we are a good fit. But you must be able, and willing, to submit to me, with your whole being, including your beautiful ass. Regardless of what you want, this is happening today. You know that the only way to become truely happy is to change, and be that woman that you long to be. You are desperate for your body to change into that of a woman, and tonight, when you fall asleep, your dream will become true. Enjoy a full nights sleep, and a vivid dream being the woman that you crave to be, staying aroused while you fall asleep, prepared to live out your hidden fantasies in your secret dreams.
Caution: There is no awakener. This file is designed to be listened to when you go to bed at night. Be prepared for a wonderful night. Be prepared to be used by my doctors.

Duration 47:28, including feminization, anal abuse, brainwaves and background music.



Chastised Latex Fuckdoll-beg for more

You are my Latex fuck doll, my chastised Latex fuck doll who loves his device, and one of your deepest desires is to turn you into a feminized latex fuck doll, to be used and abused. The thought of being a mindless fuck doll, who is used over and over again makes you so horny. I want you to feel how amazing it is to have your cock hold captive and to be dressed in Latex, to submit completely, to be a dominated sex slave. So submissive and obedient. But your Mistress wants you to beg for it, so you must learn to beg for what you want. If you want to suffer, to be my pain slut, you need to beg for it. If you want to be a mindless fuck doll, you need to beg for it. If you want my golden nectar, you need to beg for it. If you want to be a toilet slave, you need to beg for it. Begging to please me is your favorite thing to do, and from now on you will beg me for your needs and desires. This file is designed for owners of a real chastity belt.
Duration 42:02, including brainwaves, chastity, latex, feminization, golden nectar, pleasure and pain, and background music.