Sissy Cocksucker 4 ever

Sissy Cocksucker 4 ever

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I use the induction from surrender in this file again, and you will reach a deep trance. But when you start to listen to this file the transformation is going to begin. You are going to discover that you are becoming more and more of a sissy. As much of a sissy as you could possibly ever be. You're being changed and it is a permanent change. It is a change you cannot avoid, because you chose to listen, and by choosing to do so, you accept the consequences. Once you've stepped onto the path, you can never ever go back. You want to be a sissy, you want to be one forever, you want to wear sissy clothes.
39 min with Brainwaves

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Jasmine Ashcroft

One of the very first files I ever bought, 2014. Still as valid and relevant and exciting as ever. Love, love this file. Great with "Copy".

Jasmine Ashcroft

Moonstruck air headed bimbo slut

For females, sissys, and guys that love fo get feminized
Ok sweetheart, this is a curse file. you will be cursed to change into a kinky air headed bimbo slut every month at full moon. Three days before full moon the change begins, and after the full moon night the change will fade away. You will start feeling pretty, You will feel very, very sexy. You will quickly sit down in front of your make-up table, and begin giving your face a good going-over. You will feel so slutty and so naughty when the moon starts to become full, and you need to look your very best. You feel so naughty when you see the moon getting bigger, and you need to look naughty , naughty and even cheap. You enjoy looking cheap and slutty every month at full moon. And you will need to wear slutty chlothes too, the sluttier the better, and you need sex. Yes, as much as you can get.
You will be moonstruck, and you will feel this deep desire every month a full moon.


Handfree - bed of pleasure

This file is designed to make you cum on my command. So let us play a little game, you listen to my voice, and you shoot your load on my command. You are not allowed to touch yourself at any point in this recording. I want you to listen to my voice and let go, to give up control completely. I know you want this, and so you will be a good boy and follow my commands.



Naughty Neighbour

Today, your new neighbour, Misses Robinson, will welcome you and show you how good she is in sucking cocks. She is dressed in a nice, tight fitting summer dress, with a belted waist. Her slim legs seem to be clad in sheer nylons, and  she wears  high heels. Mrs. robinson will make you cum and you will fall deeply under my control. She will make you cum, and then  swallow it all. Cum on, I want to see all of your sexy, delicious cum in her Face, and in her Mouth.

Duration 42:55, including jerk off instructions, joi, brainwaves and background music.