Does it hurt

Does it hurt

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Does it hurt ?
You have a more acute sensitivity to sexual stimulation than most men, combined with an 
abnormally high sex drive.    
I think the only way we are going to successfully treat your condition
is by training your penis.   
The approach I’m suggesting takes us into a new discipline in the sexual therapy field.  
A new way to treat conditions like yours, so we will be dealing with some highly experimental 
treatment procedures.  
I’ve been able to acquire some staff members here at the clinic, who will assist me with that.
You will be sadistically teased by me and my equally stunning, and sadistic fellow nurses.
We will find all the sensitive body parts, to tease and torture you.
to bring you to the edge, holding you there.
Listen and enjoy my sadistic side. 
Be ready to be helplessly bound and immobilized, and to receive our special treatment.
Duration 51:28 min. Soft background Music, sound Effects and Brainwaves.

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Wolkaholic by day and a slut by night

Listening to this file will change your focus on work, on everything that you need to get done to reach your aims, your goals in life. But by night...


Shemale Latex Sexdoll

In this file you will lern a trigger, and whenever you say this trigger to your self or if you hear sombody else say this trigger, you will transform into a shemale latex love doll. When you hear this trigger, you will immediately start to strip, you will lay down where you are and you will transform into a Latex love doll. Your breast will grow and they will become big and round, your cock will get hard and your balls will start to ache in anticipation. You will feel a deep and growing need to get fucked into your shemale pussy and your mouth will open so that can easily slide down your throat. Your body will become motionless and stiff, and only others can change your position. You will simply stuck in place, ready to be used and drenched in cum. When you are alone, your imagination will rock your world, hung men will fuck you mindless, and you will swallow load after load of cum. Women will make you clean their fresh creamed pussies and you will their cumslut. When you are triggered by yourself, you will revert to normal after one hour of pure and nasty sex, if you got triggered by someone else, you will stay triggered until anybody is completely satisfied.
45 minutes of pure pleasure, including brainwaves and brainwashing


The Collar - Dog Slave 2 - Strapon Bitch

This is part two in the Dog Slave training.
You will become my bitch, my strapon bitch.
You will feel the pleasure of being obedient.
The pleasure of being treated like a bitch.
The pleasure of beeing punished.
The pleasure of being used.
The pleasure to wear my collar around your neck. 
But be warned, you will get addicted to me. 
I will fuck the brain out of you, and finally I will make you cum.
This file is 42:00 min long and comes with brainwaves, sound effects and soft background music.