Cursed to be a Sex Toy

Cursed to be a Sex Toy

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In this file, I will change  the way you act.
It's a change of how you behave, and this change will be permanent,
It is permanent, because you are going to be cursed with it.

It's a change that is going to affect you sexually and you will be programmed permanently.

I am your Voodoo Princess and I will use my power to curse you.

 You will be cursed to be a sex toy.
Cursed to please.
Ready to be used.
Ready to be abused.

The Duration of this File is 42:50 min. It includes soft background Music,

sound Effects and Brainwaves.

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file will train you to get over the brink without any other
stimulation. It will let you explore the possibilitys of a real anal
orgasm. It´s designed to be listened before you go to sleep.


Sambas feminization Camp 3 Maid

You are at my feminization camp, it is your third day, and you are already feminized. It is so wonderful being, and feeling female, and today you will learn that a tidy house is a happy home, learn to enjoy housework, learn that a clean place feels wonderful, that cleaning is a lustful game and to look like a maid becomes a deep desire. Today you will dress and feel like a maid, a hot and sexy maid. I want you to choose the dress you like to wear. I want you to get turned on when you see yourself wearing your favorite maids dress. I want you to look sexy and hot. Make me proud of you and feel how excited you get wearing this clothes. And as this place is clean, you are ready to receive visitors using and abusing you in your maids uniform. This is your reward tonight. Sweet dreams my dear.
Caution: There is no awakener. This file is designed to be listened to when you go to bed at night. Be prepared for a wonderful night.

Duration 48:58, including feminization, brainwaves and background music.



Sissy Pussy Orgasm

I want your your sissy cock to be less sensitive, and your sissy pussy  to get more and more sensitive. Imagine how good it would feel if a cock slides into you, and as it does, your sissy pussy becomes just as sensitive as your sissy cock. Imagine being fucked, imagine a but plug, a finger in your ass. Just the feeling of having a something inside of you would take you to the edge of orgasm so quickly, as it would be like having your entire sissy cock stroked constantly. Imagine how good that would feel, how wonderful that would feel, because that is exactly what I want you to feel any time something enters your male pussy. I want those feelings to be as intense as if you were stroking your own sissy cock.  
I want your anus to have a connection, a subconscious connection directly to your sissy cock, and anything that enters your pussy, even if it is as small as a finger, will send shudders through your entire body, and will send sensations straight to your sissy cock. It will bring you straight to the edge of orgasm. A sissy pussy orgasm!

Duration 36:46, including brainwaves, anal, sissy hypno, and background music.