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Virtual Chastity

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This file will install a stainless steel chastity belt to the listener. The listener can choose the keyholder. This device will keep you horny all day and will prevent you from masturbating.
Whenever you will have sex with someone else it will vanish and you will be very, very sensitive.
You will be hard as a rock and throbbing and you will reach pretty fast the edge of cumming, but you cannot cum without the permisssion of your keyholder. NO CHANCE.
The keyholder may also give you some commands with the permission to cum, YOU MUST OBEY. If you try to cheat you will be back in chastity in no time and you will stay there for full six month.
if you get permission to cum you are free for a full day and you may cum as often as you want asl long as you follow all commands given with the permission.

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          • femdom hypnosis
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Customer Reviews


This MP3 really does work, but I found that it takes a few listens to really make it go into effect. This is stated in the details about it so I did know that in advance. You really will feel as though you are in a chastity device and you will also find yourself feeling incredibly horny. You will want to touch yourself and that will make it worse for you, since you are in chastity. This is definitely one wild ride and if you are interested in chastity and cannot find a key holder, this just might be what you seek.


It really works. I am allowed to listen to the file every night now. I cannot masturbate and I am horny all the time. I only touch my wifes penis to clean it and it feels cold while I do it. This file fulfilled our dream of keeping me 24/7 in chastity without device or hygene issues.


i downloaded the Surrender file first…after listening to it i was so aroused that I just had to cum. i wanted to listen to it again..and again. Every time I felt so incredibly aroused and felt a need to hear it again. i felt myself surrendering to Mistress Samba more and more. i could not resist the urge to investigate hypnotic submission further. i downloaded the Mistress Midnight file and got a glimpse of how well Mistress knows my sexual desires. In the file Mistress Samba left the suggestion that i will get the chastity file and put myself under chastity. Nothing happened that night that i can remember but i had a need to download the chastity file. i listened to all three files…this time i could not remember anything in the surrender file. i drifted deeper into the web of Mistress Samba. This chastity file begins with a warning but i could not resit the pull of the previous suggestion was too strong…i continued. In the file you have the choice of who the key holder will be for you….but in Midnight Mistress the suggestion was already implanted that i will give the key to Mistress Samba…which i duly did. i woke up feeling extremely aroused and again wanted to cum but the file had an immediate effect on me. i felt aroused but as much as i failed to masturbate myself into an orgasm. i just felt a cold numb sensation every time i come close to orgasm. “Mistress Samba you are my key holder” was singing through my mind. The next day i listened to all the files again and although it made me extremely horny i could not orgasm. i felt a sense of fear. But that night Mistress Samba did visit me and i will not reveal how real and sexy that was. The next morning I could not wait i just wanted to downloaded Afternoon at the beach….and it is wit this file that i finally felt myself fully surrendering to Mistress Samba…Mistress will be my key holder forever. i know that despite the warning i will ultimately download the Mommy series because i already belong to Mistress Samba…i am her slave and i will server her i want her to put the trigger permanently in my sub-conscious mind so that i will continue to serve her as Mistress. In the surrender file Mistress promised to make me her slave, her cumslut…and that is what i am now and want to be. Be warned what ever Mistress Samba promises in the beginning of her files she will make happen. Be careful what you wish for…


Hello Mistress Samba,
I wanted to thank you for letting me play with myself with your webtease. It was amazing!!
It was also very difficult because when at the start i had to bind my balls and put in the buttplug and put on the cockring i was rockhard and intensly horny without touching myself. And then right at the start i had to pump the buttplug 5 times.... OMG that was the most intense amazing horny and vulnerable feeling i have ever experienced (never used an inflatable plug before), the precum was running constantly, and it made me feel like i could be milked..... (mmmhh how sexy and exciting :D)
When i had to stroke it became even more difficult because it was so sensitive, aften like 20 strokes i was close to the edge.

Everything made me feel wonderfull, the loss of power i experience because of the chastity file, it brings up very intense and conflicting feelings. Like I want to cum, but i also dont want to cum because you dont want me to. It also feels like right after a very intense roller coaster ride, like you feel very weak and numb after the extreme and exciting adrenaline rush you got.
All these feelings end the excitement make me feel vulnerable, submissive and willing.

I hope im not to confusing with my expressions Mistress, its kinda hard for me to wright all this in a different language, but i hope you kinda understand the intensity off things.

I hope to speak to you soon and that you order me to experience more exiting new feelings.

Thank you very much Mistress Samba


By far, this is the most effective chastity recording I've found, and I've tried quite a few. I am not a good candidate for hypnosis in general unfortunately. But with this file, on the third listen, I was surprised to suddenly find myself waking out of trance and not remembering what had happened. For the first time in my life, I truly went into a deep hypnotic trance and then consciously forgot what happened.

I now blank out more often than not. Follow the instructions, but otherwise just focus on taking long slow deep breaths, and you may have the same wonderful experience as me. Remember your breathing, it's key!


Sissy series Part two---Shape your inner girl

in this file we will start to shape your inner girl.
We will change your body, to that perfect sexy shape that you ever can imagine.


Itching balls

When you wake up your balls will begin itching and scratching like mad,
and you know the only way to stop it is to add a review to this file.



Do you like some bondage play?
As you listen to this file, you will experience it. So, Be aware. You will be bound. You will be unable to move. You will be my helpless toy.
You will hear me, and you will smell me. You will be able to smell my scent, the smell of my skin, and the smell of the leather i use to turn you into my helpless boy toy.
Just the two of us,  together, deep in your mind. When those leather restrains hold you back, the pleasure throughout your body intensifies.
The feeling of leather gives you pleasure. Soaking through your muscles as they strain against the powerful straps.
As they strain against the bondage that you are unable to escape.
You will feel your balls aching, aching in the need for an orgasm. Unable to do anything about it.
So horny, every one of my words, increasing your arousal.
This erotic hypnosis recording lasts 39 min and comes with brainwaves and soft background music.