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file will train you to get over the brink without any other
stimulation. It will let you explore the possibilitys of a real anal
orgasm. It´s designed to be listened before you go to sleep.

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          • femdom hypnosis
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Customer Reviews

erin leigh

My first file from here and I've listened to it three times today. Mistress Samba's introduction dropped me into trance quicker than any other hypno file that I've tried. It must be effective because of certain desires are manifesting that are very new and interesting. I've yet to "try it out" but better believe that I am going to an adult store tomorrow to purchase the right equipment. I look forward to giving the sissy series a try soon to see how far into feminization this can take me.

erin leigh

Controlling your hands - Dildo play

In this file you will experience an extended anal play and your hands will perform my orders without any mercy. I will control your hands and you will obey. It is a good Idea to take an enema before you start this session and when you are a virgin in your backdoor, you should strech your sphincter with a slightly larger toy then the toy you use in this session. Get enough lube and lube up your toy and your anus before you start because you will fuck yourself for nearly 30 minutes and you will not have any chance to whimp out. When I take over control you will be at my mercy, and I will make you moan in bliss and pleasure. We will start slowly and I will lead you into a very deep trance. Touching your cock is not allowed thru the entire session because I want you to experience a mindblowing anal orgasm. You will cum for me in the end and you will orgasm again and again until you are completely exhausted. So take care that you have enough time to recover after this experience. I recommend to use a toy of 7 or 8 inch in length and 1.5 inch in diameter, because 30 minutes can be a very, very long time.
47 minutes of kinky and hard anal play with your favorite dildo, including white noise and brainwaves in the background.