Phantom hands - Tease and denial

Phantom hands - Tease and denial

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Whenever you listen to this file, you will experience a very nice handjob by a pair of very experienced hands. They will tease you, stroke you, make you want to orgasm within seconds while you are totally unable to move. Yes you will be paralysed and you will stuck in place. And this hands know exactly how to bring you to the edge of orgasm. And as you reach the edge, and as you know that you need only a little bit more of this stroking, they simply slow down, holding you there, they don't let you cum, they will palm that cockhead, tease you to stay on the edge, but there will be no way to cum. And while you stay on the edge, you will experience in addition to this handjob an other sensation, you will got milked, yes, you will experience a real milking, a prostate massage, your prostate will be squeezed and drainded. You will experience and remember this exquisite torture in all details, and when the file has finished you will stay horny and needy all day. And there will be no way to get relief for the following 24 hours.
Yes, you will be unable to orgasm for 24 hours, you will be horny and needy and your balls will ache in anticipation. And now comes the evil part. You will want to listen to this file again and again, and when you listen to this file again, the 24 hour period will start again. LOL you will get addicted to this file, you will want to listen again and again, and you will give up the ability to cum every time you listen for the next 24 hours. Hehe. That will be blue balls at its best.
Have fun and enjoy your horniness.
This File starts with the induction of "Surrender" and it will make you more and more addicted to my voice

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          • femdom hypnosis
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Whoa! This file is insane. It works so well on me. I do feel the hands stroking me over and over again but when the finger slides inside and begins to rub my prostate it really blows my mind. You should definitely try this file at some point.


Trained to serve 1- Slim and sexy

Trained to serve is a new series for males in search for a domme or for slaves who are owned already. In this series I will provide suggestions which will change you into a slave that is worth to be recognized by a true mistress. You will start to take care of you body, your mind, and you soul, because you want to please your mistress or your soon to be mistress. Your desire to serve women will increase and I will use your desire to serve to change your bad habbits. This series is a step by step series.
This series will help you to become the perfect slave for a dominant woman. It doesn't matter, if you have someone to serve now, or if you are looking for the right one. In fact, this file is designed to make your search easier and successful, and you will be prepered for the moment, when you find your perfect match, you will be prepared when you find your soulmate. You will find the one woman, the one your fantasies course around. she will be your perfect match, and from the moment you see her the first time, you will be in deep, deep love to her. And you will be able to read her mind, you will be able to fullfill her wishes before she says a word. And that will be the way you conquer her heart, and you will serve her with self-confidence.


Surrender Part 9 - The Accelerator

Imagine that every hypnosis file that you listen to is becoming more effective, much more quickly than they ever have before. This is going to happen when you choose to listen to this file. They are going to work for you so very, very well. Your mind will accept them instantly, devouring the words, taking them in, embracing them, making them a part of you. It does not matter what the content of the file is. You will double your acceptance. You will double your suggestibility each time you listen. It doesn't matter if you resist the file or not. The moment you listened, you accepted some small part of it. The next time you listen, you will accept twice as much, and very soon, you will be accepting the entire file no matter what the content, no matter what your own personal desires might be.

This is a very powerful file, and it will make all other files work much better and it will increase the intense of all suggestions to a new level.

This femdom erotic hypnosis is 36 min long and I use brainwaves and soft background music.



Black Mask

You enjoy being used and controlled. It is your choice. A slave’s place is to obey, to obey any order that is given by me. And you know that as long as you wear your mask, you will have the mindset of an obedient slave. Stroking your cock for me feels so good, and you will keep stroking for your Mistress. You will stroke for me and ride the edge as long as I want. There will be no permission to cum in this file, just a lil stroking and edging to prepare you for the follow-ups.

Duration 43:40, including brainwaves, femdom, jerk off instruction, joi, tease and denial and background music.