Phantom hands - Tease and denial

Phantom hands - Tease and denial

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Whenever you listen to this file, you will experience a very nice handjob by a pair of very experienced hands. They will tease you, stroke you, make you want to orgasm within seconds while you are totally unable to move. Yes you will be paralysed and you will stuck in place. And this hands know exactly how to bring you to the edge of orgasm. And as you reach the edge, and as you know that you need only a little bit more of this stroking, they simply slow down, holding you there, they don't let you cum, they will palm that cockhead, tease you to stay on the edge, but there will be no way to cum. And while you stay on the edge, you will experience in addition to this handjob an other sensation, you will got milked, yes, you will experience a real milking, a prostate massage, your prostate will be squeezed and drainded. You will experience and remember this exquisite torture in all details, and when the file has finished you will stay horny and needy all day. And there will be no way to get relief for the following 24 hours.
Yes, you will be unable to orgasm for 24 hours, you will be horny and needy and your balls will ache in anticipation. And now comes the evil part. You will want to listen to this file again and again, and when you listen to this file again, the 24 hour period will start again. LOL you will get addicted to this file, you will want to listen again and again, and you will give up the ability to cum every time you listen for the next 24 hours. Hehe. That will be blue balls at its best.
Have fun and enjoy your horniness.
This File starts with the induction of "Surrender" and it will make you more and more addicted to my voice

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          • femdom hypnosis
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Whoa! This file is insane. It works so well on me. I do feel the hands stroking me over and over again but when the finger slides inside and begins to rub my prostate it really blows my mind. You should definitely try this file at some point.


Weight loss masturbation

this file will help you to obtain the slim, healthy, attractive body which you desire. I am going to give you some suggestions, that will make this a permanent change in your living. This will be not an over night success, and so i have combined it with some other kinky suggestions. Beneath the suggestions, to change your eating habbits you will become addicted to masturbation. I really know you, and I think the kinky part of this file will make you listen to this file again and again.
And when you listen to this file frequently, the suggestions will take root in your subconscious mind more easily, and you will act like slim people act. You have been looking for an easy way to achieve that slim, healthy, attractive body, which you desire. From now on, you will start to masturbate frequently, and whenever you masturbate, and whenever you orgasm, you body will start to loose weight. From this moment on, when ever you touch yourself to masturbate, your body will respond with a new reaction. Your mind will encourage your metabolism. Yes, in the moment you touch yourself, you will enhance the fat burning. Your body will need a lot of energy to get you over the brink of orgasm, and this energy will come from the increased fatburning. And the more you masturbate, the more you loose the unwanted pounds. And the more fat you loose, the hornier you will get.
So boys should take care to have enough lube, and girls should check the batteries before starting to listen.


Dreamprovider - Glory hole

This file is part of my series Dreamprovider. I will install or reinforce a trigger and this trigger will let you experience the provided dream in every detail.
So you will feel, smell, taste, hear and see anything I describe in a vivid dream the same day when you listen to this file as soon as you go to bed.

In this file, you will have a date with me. It's a blind date and you are waiting for me in a restaurant. While we have a glass of champagne I will use my hypnotic power on you and you follow me to the next adult theater where we where we enter a booth with a glory hole. There you will learn what it means to become my bitch...

47 minutes of kinky action, including Brainwaves.


Perfect Sissy Slave, slim and sexy

Perfect sissy slave.
Slim and sexy.

This is an adaption of my Series Train2serve, and in this series I will provide suggestions which will change you into a sissy slave that is worth to be recognized by dominant people.

Become the perfect slave for a dominant partner.

It doesn't matter, if you have someone to serve now, or if you are looking for the right one.
This file is designed to make your search easier and successful,
and you will be prepared for the moment, when you find your perfect match,
the moment when you find your perfect Mistress or Master.

Your desire to serve will increase and I will use your desire to serve to change your bad habbits.

This series is a step by step series. This series will help you to become the perfect sissy slave, a sissy slave that easily will be recognized by dominant people.
Make  your fantasies come true, find your perfect match.
Be the perfect match for a dominant partner.

Slim and sexy.
Seductive and beautiful.  
Able to fulfill their wishes before they say a word, and that will be the way you conquer their hearts.

Duration 43:25, including brainwaves and background music.