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Do you like some bondage play?
As you listen to this file, you will experience it. So, Be aware. You will be bound. You will be unable to move. You will be my helpless toy.
You will hear me, and you will smell me. You will be able to smell my scent, the smell of my skin, and the smell of the leather i use to turn you into my helpless boy toy.
Just the two of us,  together, deep in your mind. When those leather restrains hold you back, the pleasure throughout your body intensifies.
The feeling of leather gives you pleasure. Soaking through your muscles as they strain against the powerful straps.
As they strain against the bondage that you are unable to escape.
You will feel your balls aching, aching in the need for an orgasm. Unable to do anything about it.
So horny, every one of my words, increasing your arousal.
This erotic hypnosis recording lasts 39 min and comes with brainwaves and soft background music.

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Virtual Chastity

This file will install a stainless steel chastity belt to the listener. The listener can choose the keyholder. This device will keep you horny all day and will prevent you from masturbating.


Itching balls

When you wake up your balls will begin itching and scratching like mad,
and you know the only way to stop it is to add a review to this file.



Sissy Pussy Orgasm

I want your your sissy cock to be less sensitive, and your sissy pussy  to get more and more sensitive. Imagine how good it would feel if a cock slides into you, and as it does, your sissy pussy becomes just as sensitive as your sissy cock. Imagine being fucked, imagine a but plug, a finger in your ass. Just the feeling of having a something inside of you would take you to the edge of orgasm so quickly, as it would be like having your entire sissy cock stroked constantly. Imagine how good that would feel, how wonderful that would feel, because that is exactly what I want you to feel any time something enters your male pussy. I want those feelings to be as intense as if you were stroking your own sissy cock.  
I want your anus to have a connection, a subconscious connection directly to your sissy cock, and anything that enters your pussy, even if it is as small as a finger, will send shudders through your entire body, and will send sensations straight to your sissy cock. It will bring you straight to the edge of orgasm. A sissy pussy orgasm!

Duration 36:46, including brainwaves, anal, sissy hypno, and background music.