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I am your Mistress. I am a Supreme Goddess. I am specialized in hypnotic mind control as well as in sublime slave training. My erotic suggestions, my mind control, will help you in feminization. My femdom hypnosis, will make you feel like adult babies and you will crave my voice. I am an amazing seductive Mistress for femdom mp3 and sissy training.You will be completely mesmerized by my hypnotic training. You must be over the age of 18 years in your country of residence to view erotic hypnosis material on this site.

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It is also advisable for a deep trance experience to wear stereo head phones.


Sissy Pussy Orgasm Countdown

You want your sissy cock to be less sensitive, and your sissy pussy to get more and more sensitive until it causes you more powerful orgasms, until it causes you multiple orgasms every time you are entered.

You want your male pussy to become an extension of your sissy cock, your pussy bringing you to many powerful orgasms and your ass to become more and more sensitive.

You want your anus to have a connection, a subconscious connection directly to your sissy cock, and anything that enters your pussy, even if it is as small as my finger to send shudders through your entire body.

This file is a "cum countdown" to train these feelings. You will love to follow me, to synchronize with me. I will kick you over the edge to an earthshattering Orgasm. A sissy pussy orgasm!

Duration 38:00, including brainwaves, anal, sissy hypno, and background music.

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She male Cock crazed Slut

You have a fantasy. A deeply rooted, and highly visual fantasy. You think of it all the time. You fantasize about it, you fantazise about sucking off a she male, sucking a she males penis.

I know the kind of slut you are, and real sluts love to suck on different cocks. From deep inside you want to service, and to worship as many she males as possible by using your mouth, by giving them oral sex, by giving them ongoing access to the slutty little whole. The filthy little cocksucking mouth of yours.

You are a cocksucking slut. A cocksucking slut, hungry for cum. A she male cock crazed slut!

You will be addicted to want shemales, to suck their hard cocks and you will remain that way, from now on, and forever.

You are  going to want shemale's cocks, that is the  kind of sex you will enjoy the most, the kind of sex that will arouse you, the kind of sex which makes you feel beautiful, sexy, and attractive.

When my words leave your head, you will find that there are only thoughts that are appropriate for a slut like you. Your subconscious mind will absorb each and every  message, absorb everything I say to you.

Be ready to become a she male cock crazed slut!

Duration 46:00, including brainwaves, she male cock addiction, feminization, and background music.

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Sissy Pussy Orgasm

I want your your sissy cock to be less sensitive, and your sissy pussy  to get more and more sensitive.

Imagine how good it would feel if a cock slides into you, and as it does, your sissy pussy becomes just as sensitive as your sissy cock.

Imagine being fucked, imagine a but plug, a finger in your ass. Just the feeling of having a something inside of you would take you to the edge of orgasm so quickly, as it would be like having your entire sissy cock stroked constantly.

Imagine how good that would feel, how wonderful that would feel, because that is exactly what I want you to feel any time something enters your male pussy.

I want those feelings to be as intense as if you were stroking your own sissy cock.  
I want your anus to have a connection, a subconscious connection directly to your sissy cock, and anything that enters your pussy, even if it is as small as a finger, will send shudders through your entire body, and will send sensations straight to your sissy cock. It will bring you straight to the edge of orgasm.

A sissy pussy orgasm!

Duration 36:46, including brainwaves, anal, sissy hypno, and background music.

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You love Cocks

You're going to discover is that you simply love a male's cock. You love its shape, you love the way it feels, and you especially love its taste.

From now on cocks are just so incredibly wonderful and special to you.

Feel the desire to taste, smell and feel mens' cocks whenever the opportunity happens.

You want to go down on your male partner whenever you possibly can and enjoy making his cock hard, licking and sucking, tasting him, running your fingers all over.

These are the things that you want to do with ease.

I want you to find yourself entranced just by the idea of a nice cock to lick and suck. I want you to find them irresistable. To be a real cock lover, to discover that the beauty of a man is in his cock. 

Duration 39:01, including brainwaves, sissy hypno, gay hypno, and background music.

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A Virtual Crossdresser

Yes, you like to wear women`s clothes and you  feel not happy wearing men`s clothes! But you need to do so, so many times...
This File will make you able to feel yourself dressed up like you want.
Yes, even in public. You may wear what you want but you feel as if you wear the finest women´s clothes.
From now on, whenever you say the words, the trigger phrase i will provide you,  you will instantly find yourself wearing women's clothes.
Just to make you feel better.
Anything  you are wearing will instantly transform into women's clothing, just for you. 
Your men's wardrobe will shift and change, until it becomes a woman's wardrobe, from head to toe.
This will make you feel good. Anywhere, any time.
 And only you will know. 
The Duration of this File is 39:15 min. It includes soft background Music, sound Effects and Brainwaves.
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