Curse - Addicted to womens feet

Curse - Addicted to womens feet

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This femdom erotic hypnosis will programm you permanently. Do not listen to this file if you don´t want to change to a become permanent addicted to womens feet.
In this file you will be programmed permanently. There will be no way out for the rest of your life. Yes, you will be cursed to live as a foot watcher,
You will experience a growing fetish to womens feet. And this will go so far, that you will need to tell the truth if a woman ask you why you stare at her feet.
And while you tell her the truth, you will get a real throbbing erection, and you will be unable to hide it. And they will realize it, and you will suffer in this humilation. You will do anything to touch her feet, anything, it doesn´t matter how humilating it will be, you will do it, if you get a chance to worship her feet.
Be careful what you whish for.

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I already have a foot fetish and love to look at feet, so I wasn't sure whether to order this file or not. But I did. I normally only look at feet when they are on pretty women or when I can see the feet in sandals. I was unprepared for what the file had in store.

I've slept with the file running in my ears for three nights now. I never expected to be instructed to imagine feet INSIDE the shoes even though I couldn't see them, Or on women who I found unattractive.

I was at Starbucks today and found myself staring at this overweight ladies' shoes and wondering about her feet underneath. At the mall, I barely shopped because even though this is autumn with barely any sandals, I was staring at loafers, boots, and even tennis shoes.

I knew what I was doing, but for the first time, sights like this made me warm and happy. No one "caught" me looking at their feet or asked about it so I didn't have to explain.

To be honest, I would have not ordered this file had I known I was being compelled to look at ALL women's feet as special. I laughed when I heard Mistress Samba say I would be cursed and have an obsession with women's feet. But now I know exactly what she meant.


I listened to this file for the past week and don't know what I have let myself in for. In my office some women leave their shoes in the office when they go for lunch, I have insatiable cravings that I can't resist and have found myself under their desks, licking the insides of their high heels whilst stroking myself.. I'm so embarrassed and can't help myself. I hope to god I never get caught as I'll lose my job. It doesn't matter who they are or even if I don't find them attractive, I need to smell their scent and lick them clean. Beware before listening to this file as it will make you do things you never thought you would lower yourself too. I have been cursed, but strange as it is I actually like it :-/


Curse Ruined Orgasms

This is a curse, and it will change you permanently.

When you listen to this file you will change your mindset. Whenever you masturbate you will simply ruin your orgasm.

Thats it!!!

A horny lil wanker like you do not deserve to cum like a real man.

Ruined orgasms will make you feel so frustrated, and they will light and increase, a burning desire to cum, to feel a real orgasm.

This will make you very submissive and obedient.

You will find that your sexual drive and your desire for orgasms, will stay on a high level.
In fact it is going to be increased.
But wether it is increased or stays the same, makes no difference.
You will simply lose the ability to bring yourself to a full orgasm.
You can try if you like.
But as you try and get closer and closer to orgasm, you will find that your body just betrays you.

Your subconscious mind so deeply controlled now, will just take over.
It will make you ruin any orgasm when you masturbate.
It will know deep inside that you need to ruin it.
It will know you want to feel the frustration, the need, the burning desire.
from now on, and forever...

32 minutes of femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Samba

including brainwaves and soft background music.



The Collar - Dog Slave 2 - Strapon Bitch

This is part two in the Dog Slave training.
You will become my bitch, my strapon bitch.
You will feel the pleasure of being obedient.
The pleasure of being treated like a bitch.
The pleasure of beeing punished.
The pleasure of being used.
The pleasure to wear my collar around your neck. 
But be warned, you will get addicted to me. 
I will fuck the brain out of you, and finally I will make you cum.
This file is 42:00 min long and comes with brainwaves, sound effects and soft background music.


Switch - Female Orgasm

This file is for all men who want to know how women experience an orgasm. Sorry girls this file is not for you.
In this file, I will help you to feel, and orgasm like a woman.
I will make you feel like a woman,  make you cum, like a woman.
Experience a female orgasm.  Enjoy yourself, like a true woman. 
My seductive voice will provide you with unbelievable pleasure. Pleasure you have never felt before. 
Discover how wonderful it is, to achieve a female ongoing orgasm, being a good girl, with a wet, dripping pussy.
This file is 39:21 Min long and comes with brainwaves and soft background music