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How would you like to be able to trigger yourself with three simple words? This simple trigger will allow you to experience anything that is happening on the screen in front of you. Maybe it is a movie, a car racing, or a porn. Imagine the possibilities, you will feel every emotion, every touch... experience THIS now. This session is can be used for some very XXX rated scenes and is great for men and women

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          • femdom hypnosis
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Sambas' slave

It could just be me but it seems like I go deeper into trance every time I listen to this file. I went so far under one time that it scared me and I pulled back, but the feeling was so extremely enjoyable that I let myself go all the way under the next time I listened to the file. I have actually seen images appear in my bedroom after coming out of trance from listening to the file. On the first occansion and on the second, I saw a womans lege appear in the room, this image scared me as well, or at least at first. The image was both scarry and erotic at the same time. I keep expecting to see images appear in the room with a sense of erotic expectation. I love it! The last image I saw was a light socket coming down from the ceiling, being heled up by two wires. Why a light socket I don't know, but I still love the experience of listening to this file.

Sambas' slave


Porn Star Penis,

This file will make your genitals grow.


Get them all - use the Pheromone booster to attract women now

This is the real deal, a kick ass, it will blow you away when you see your results and get all the women you like. This is powerful trance that will make you a chick magnet, and it will change your natural hormone production. It will help to increase it. Your scent will be irresistible to women and girls and you will get any women cause you ooder a lot of it. Men with a highe pheromone production are automatically considered more attractive to girls and women, charismatic, powerful (even if they aren't any of those things). And, women naturally lower their defenses for men who smell "sexy", even before that man says a word, you simply get women anywhere. Your mind controls the production of ALL the chemicals that course throughout your body. On occasion, it unconsciously increases your pheromone production. Have ever had a situation, that there where more than one woman that likes you, all at the same time? It's likely your pheromone production was higher at the time. This file will increase your pheromone production permanent. But be warned, it may happen that you will become that attractive, that you may need the trancetic viagra file soon. LOL



Porn Star Penis 2

Imagine having a real big cock, long and thick, and with big, heavy balls. Imagine yourself having a real porn star penis. A big, long, hard and throbbing cock. Long lasting orgasms along with big, warm cum blasts. A real porn star penis. Does this sound good to you? Yes, I am sure it does. Imagine your hard, long lasting, porn star penis orgasms. Realize these changes in your bodyly functions and feel the power that I have over you. Feel your body flooded with hormones, making your cock even bigger while I am watching you stroking it. Enjoy yourself and let me watch your beautiful cock. 

Duration 33:36, including brainwaves, jerk off instruction, joi, penis enlargement, penis growth and background music.