Sissy series-part four

Sissy series-part four

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Strengthen your inner girl

this file is the fourth file in the sissy series.
If you have listened to the first three files for a week or two, you can go further now. In this file we will install a your new name, and we will strengthen your inner girl, to fight against all the people who doesn't understand your feelings.

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Shemale Latex Sexdoll

In this file you will lern a trigger, and whenever you say this trigger to your self or if you hear sombody else say this trigger, you will transform into a shemale latex love doll. When you hear this trigger, you will immediately start to strip, you will lay down where you are and you will transform into a Latex love doll. Your breast will grow and they will become big and round, your cock will get hard and your balls will start to ache in anticipation. You will feel a deep and growing need to get fucked into your shemale pussy and your mouth will open so that can easily slide down your throat. Your body will become motionless and stiff, and only others can change your position. You will simply stuck in place, ready to be used and drenched in cum. When you are alone, your imagination will rock your world, hung men will fuck you mindless, and you will swallow load after load of cum. Women will make you clean their fresh creamed pussies and you will their cumslut. When you are triggered by yourself, you will revert to normal after one hour of pure and nasty sex, if you got triggered by someone else, you will stay triggered until anybody is completely satisfied.
45 minutes of pure pleasure, including brainwaves and brainwashing


Dolores - The Enema

Welcome at the Surgery.
The Enema File.
Again I will present you to my very dirty Sister Dolores.
This file will give your mind the calm feeling to relax your body
functions, to get an intense feeling, similar to orgasm.
But be careful, This is again a slightly different file.
I suggest to prepare yourself before starting to listen this file.
It will be messy. 
It will be dirty.
You want the injection of liquid in your ass, to motivate evacuation.
Apart from making you horny, this is great for cleansing your colon, having many additional benefits 
It will be warm and wet. You will love it!
And the fact that it is such a taboo thing, will make it even more arousing to you.
It will turn you on a lot.
You may relieve yourself by listening this file. You may do it after listening.
You may do it twice.
But probably you will.
The Duration of this File is 45:00 min. It includes soft background Music, sound Effects and Brainwaves.



Night Bliss - Deep Sleep

I want you to  help to relax, to fall asleep easy in this difficult times, to feel how every time you breathe in, you get more comfortable, more relaxed, more calm and more peaceful. Each time you breathe in, you breathe in relaxing things. And when you breathe out, you breathe out
your tension. Breathing in relaxation, calmness, peace. Breathing out anger, tension, worries. Breathing in positivity, breathing out negativity at a slow, calming tempo. In comes the relaxation, out goes the tension. This file is designed to be listened to when you go to bed at night, there is no awakener in this file. If you prefer to get a full nights sleep, having nice and vivid dreams, staying aroused while you fall asleep please listen to: Night bliss or if you prefer Night bliss, sissy abused

Duration 18:05, including brainwaves, and background music.