Curse nipple play

Curse nipple play

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This file will make you addicted to play with your nipples, and the more you play with them the more sensitive they get. you will play with them every single moment you are alone until you simply reach an orgasm without any other stimulation. If you orgasm you will be free for the rest of the day.

But the next mornig it starts again.

Have fun and enjoy your boobs

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        • femdom hypnosis
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Customer Reviews

John D

Mistress…I have become another unworthy servant worshipping you. I had listened to the Nipple Curse for only a week when I started waking up with my nipples itching and needing to be touched. I have changed my schedule around to make sure I can listen daily. At first I was skeptical and only hoped for theses sessions to work but now I truly believe that I will see results in everything. Please forgive my unbelief.

John D

Curse Anal Slut

This file is for males and females as well.

It is a curse and it will change something in your mind. By listening to this file, you will become addicted to anal sex.


Riding the Edge - Denial Release

This file is a curse, and it will make a permanent change in how your body act and react. This curse will change your ability to masturbate in the following way: The closer you get to climax the slower you are able to stroke your dick. Until just before the point of orgasm, when you are nearly on the point of no return, you can not move at all.
You will drift on a wave of arousal without the chance to cum. Arousal and excitement are flooding your body and mind while you simply stuck in place unable to move unable to bring yourself over the edge. The paralysis will fade after your arousal is nearly gone and the second cycle starts. Again you will bring youself to the edge and the arousal and excitement will double. Your need to orgasm will become nearly painful and again, all you can do is drift on a higher wave of arousal.
and everytime you will need to start again, to complete three full cycles. And in the last cycle you will be able to move a little, but it will not be enough to push you over the edge.
The time will stretch while you ride the edge of orgasm and it will feel like etenity until your cock gets limp an soft. But your arousal will stay with you for the next 4 hours. And it will increase and increase, becoming more and more prominent. But there will be no way to orgasm, except someone give you permission to cum.
45 minutes of femdom erotic hypnosis mp3 including brainwaves and soft background music.


Sublimes Crossdresser

These are NOT stand alone files, you need to listen to the full sessions before you can deepen them with the sublime files.


Nice trance music with sublime messages to deepen your desires.

Perfect to listen by driving your car, or in your office, and no one will know.

No brainwaves, so you can listen without the risk of falling asleep.

This ZIP file include two titles with the suggestions of:

    A virtual Crossdresser
    Closet Crossdresser