Curse nipple play

Curse nipple play

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This file will make you addicted to play with your nipples, and the more you play with them the more sensitive they get. you will play with them every single moment you are alone until you simply reach an orgasm without any other stimulation. If you orgasm you will be free for the rest of the day.

But the next mornig it starts again.

Have fun and enjoy your boobs

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        • femdom hypnosis
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Customer Reviews

John D

Mistress…I have become another unworthy servant worshipping you. I had listened to the Nipple Curse for only a week when I started waking up with my nipples itching and needing to be touched. I have changed my schedule around to make sure I can listen daily. At first I was skeptical and only hoped for theses sessions to work but now I truly believe that I will see results in everything. Please forgive my unbelief.

John D


This file increase your production of semen



Porn Star Penis,

This file will make your genitals grow.


Body hair removal

BODY HAIR REMOVAL for males and females.

This file will make your body hair vanish, the hair folicles will die and the hair will not come back. All body hair except your head will dissapear and you will have a smooth hairless and sensitive skin. This is not an overnight success, but finally you will loose all the unwanted hair. This include the pubic region, no shaving anymore, hairless legs, arms back and chest. And this file comes with an arousal trigger. You will need to masturbate after listening, so take care that you are undisturbed for an hour.