Chastity by hypnosis - bundle of 5 files combining it with tease and denial

Chastity by hypnosis - bundle of 5 files combining it with tease and denial

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The chastity hypnosis - bundle is a combination of 5 erotic hypnosis files. The base file is "Virtual Chastity". You should listen to this file for a week on a regular daily shedule. When the device is in effect, you may add the Virtual Plug to this device, this file will make you feel a big vibrating butplug all day, until you finally went to sleep.
To increase the frustration, this bundle comes with "Constant Cum Production" and "Hypnotic Viagra". I guess you can imagine what happens when you start to listen to this files too. BIG BLUE BALLS all day, and you will have no chance to whimp out. you will be totally at the mercy of your Mistress. The last file that comes with this bundle is "Tease and denial one". However, I hope you will enjoy your blue balls and the exquisite frustration.

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          • femdom hypnosis
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Itching balls

When you wake up your balls will begin itching and scratching like mad,
and you know the only way to stop it is to add a review to this file.


Curse Blue Balls

This file is a curse, that means it will have a permanent effect on you. This curse is very simple and straight forward. Basically it's going to curse you with blue balls.
I guess you know what i mean, I mean blue aching balls at it's best. Every, and if I say every, I mean every single erection will last longer. You will get easily aroused and hard, but then you will stay so. You will stay hard and erect and aroused for a long, long time. And your balls will start to ache and you will ride the edge. This aching will increase and increase until you really need to blow your load.But before you finally get over the edge, and achieve orgasm, you will need more and more time and stimulation. Imagine it, an erection lasting for 30 minutes.. an hour... until your balls literally feel like they're turning blue. And then, and only then do you find yourself getting the release you so desperately, desperately need.
Say premature ejaculation goodbye, and find yourself simply on the other end of the scale where it will be difficult to achieve an orgasm, no matter how many orgasms your partner achieve, you will stay hard and erect and needy. hehe, this is a really wicked curse, and you should think twice before you listen to it.
42 minutes of evil hypnosis, including brainwaves


Sublime. Hypnotic Viagra-CCP

These are NOT stand alone files, you need to listen to the full sessions before you can deepen them with the sublime files.

Nice trance music with sublime messages to deepen your desires.

Perfect to listen by driving your car, or in your office, and no one will know.

No brainwaves, so you can listen without the risk of falling asleep.

This ZIP file includes two titles with the suggestions of:

    Hypnotic viagra, for a hard, throbbing cock.
    CCP - Constant cum production